Dark wind blowing in

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  1. Everything in IWT shuts down as the arena become black.

    As the music fills the arena, people in the crowd looking scared, some even holding their children close, figures dressed in complete black come out. Three of each figure stand on each end of the ramp, their backs to the crowd as they look down.

    Then, a mysterious man dressed in facepaint, a robe and gloves comes out carrying a staff with a demonic symbol.
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    As he walks past the figures, they all raise their hands in respect for this leader. The man makes his way outside of the ring, opening his robe slightly and pulling out a microphone.

    With these two words, he puts the microphone back into his robe, and heads back up the ramp. The figures in black, following their leader as he passes them, until they all get off of the stage. Once they are gone, the lights return to normal.

    The crowd, still in shock as they were near silent, whispers of confusion. Many were covering their children's eyes and holding them as they cried. Women scared half to death, and others even praying to God himself. No one knows what this meant for the IWT, but it was something dark.
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  2. *dat kid watches from home* Jonathan still didnt fix the lighting issue? :pity:
  3. *messes with Dat Kid's tv so that it plays nonstop reruns of The Last Airbender movie and Dragon Ball: Evolution*
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    That wouldn't be sooooo bad
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    I meant reruns of Lil Wayne's guitar solos
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  6. But his leather's so soft.