Darth Vs Adam

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    This is a 3 promo match, We will cut 3 promos today and then voting begins.​
    If Adam wins he becomes Based God.​
    Promo 1:​
    *Adam walks out to the ring and gets in, He is pissed off and isnt in any mood to be messed with*​
    Adam: You know, Theres something here in IWT that annoys me, And that piece of shit wants me in a match and that shithead is Based G.. IM NOT FUCKING CALLING HIM GOD! He aint God, He aint even a MAN!​
    *Adam pauses as the crowd chants "You aint god"*​
    He walks around like a CM Punk wanna be and pretends to be the greatest, But he isnt, I AM! I aint a wrestler, I aint a superstar, Im an ass kicking machine here to kick off destruction and he is first on my list. I want to fuck him up, I want to scare him so bad he doesnt want to come back, Im telling you Darth! Dont step in this ring with me , You might not get to see it again.​
    *Throws the mic down and walks out*​

  2. *Comes to the ring before Adam Leaves*

    I am a MAN because i accepted the challenge you assclown and you are a gimmick copying name stealing ass licking son of an idiot!

    After i beat the fuck out of you, I am going to Fuck your Bitch!

    Mark My Words,Adam!

    And If I win I become The Ass kicker and you become The Ass Licker!

  3. Promo 2:​
    *Adam is sitting on the stage*​
    Adam: As you lay there Darth, Hopefully as in as much pain as possible, I want you to listen to me. I dont hate you Darth. I hate this idea that your the best because your not. Im the best! Ive been the best ever since day one when I walked into IWT! Hey Colt Cabana how you doing? Im leaving in 3 weeks with your IWT imaginary title and ill take it to ROH! Or NJPW!​
    *Adam pauses and stands up*​
    Adam: See Darth, I can copy CM Punk too! I can copy all his shit because like you because your a worthless piece of shit who cant even mock me without watching a "Pipebomb" video on youtube. Your straight edge? Since when? 2011? When he made that stupid fucking promo which you follow like a lifestyle, CM Punk is your god aint you! You come out here like im gonna lick your Indian ass but no, Im not. You gonna be on the mat covered in blood begging me to stop!​
  4. I am Straight Edge since Day 1 and i don't care even if you mock CM Punk but i follow the Straight Edge Life Style and more over you are going to suffer in the pain! I never called my self the best because i am never over confident and I am never going to run away with that title since I am no coward and more over I am not a quitter,son and I am not going to beg anyone.I never worship CM Punk since his stupid Cult Of Personality Promo.

    Wish you luck because you shall need it!

  5. Promo 3:​
    *Darth comes to the stage and sits*​
    Darth: Hey Adam,I am going to defeat you at this match because I am Based God Darth and i know that you have been ranting about me.Well I know that I am not the Best.But you are not the Best.Since we have been talking who is Best.We shall make it the Battle of Best.​
    Let's see who is the Best this time!​
    *Stands Up*​
    Well I am not going to lose quickly so are you.I will see you in the ring and beat you mercilessly until you are going to beg and cry!​
    Wish you luck because you REALLY need it!​
  6. Funniest/Best promo battle ever.
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  7. Promo 3:​
    Adam: Im a CM Punk copy and paste, my name is Pussy Ass Darth. Because after im done with you, Your name retarded bullshit name will be GONE. Maybe then you will understand why your not god, Your not a man, Your not a boy, Your just the shit I wipe off my shoes every morning. Your a worthless piece of shit who cant do shit in the ring and especially on this mic because you sit with a notepad watching Punk promos and recite them every night then come out here and talk about your straight edge lifestyle! Im gonna beat you so bad you wont be recognised. IM GOD and ALWAYS HAVE BEEN!​
  8. Its the best because I can actually write something and not copy Punk lol
  9. Voting ends: Tomorrow at 8pm GMT
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  11. Congrats, you're ahead in the poll, don't think you'll beat me that easy, you'll be in my favorite kind of match
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    The final votes are: ADAM-5 DARTH-2!

    Adam is now: BasedGodAdam in IWT and occasionally in normal WWEF

    Darth is now: In IWT Darth
  13. Wtf lol
  14. What a hell of a match brother :testify:
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  15. This stuff is IWT only, he doesn't have to change his username if he doesn't want to. :pity1:
  16. No matter what, you will only be called Adam to me
  17. We need a Scott Steiner gimmick in here.
  18. We have Gohan
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