Storyline Dat Church Visits An Abortion Clinic

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    Dat Kid stands on a pedestal while holding a megaphone. The Cure stands in front of the door as angry teenagers, prostitutes, rape victims, and careless women riot in front of the door.

    Bitches! Doth thou not see the errors in your ways! You have a life that is inside of you, a little miracle just waiting to be born! You are going to take the life of a child because of your mistakes! You are all murderers of not only human life, but of the potential good your children could do by being brought in to this world!

    A woman wearing a fancy dress and jewelry, struggles to move to the front of the crowd in here heels.

    Woman: I can't support a child! Let me through!

    But you could obviously support that shiny ass dress, lookin' like the new years ball with ya fat ass! Coming here dressed like that, but you can't afford condoms. If you can't afford to raise your child, there are alternatives! There are millions of infertile women who would KILL to have a child, but you people just squander it away over petty reasoning!

    The crowd starts to calm down

    Your child could end up saving someone's life. Your child could be a revolutionary inventor. Your child could even have a family of his own and you're going to take that away?

    Most importantly, God loves all your children. I am telling you right now, that I love all of your children. All of your unborn children will be put on this Earth to serve God. The one and only true God, Dat Kid. It's your childs instinctual duty to be raised under the guiding light of me, just like I'm raising the two men standing by the door. Just like I'm raising Joey Bryant to become the next IWT Champion.

    Woman: Joey Bryant? I love Joey Bryant!

    Yes bitch, and your child could be the next Joey Bryant. Wouldn't you like that?

    The women start conversing with each other. One woman starts chanting Joey Bryant, the others soon join in. Dat Kid revels in the chanting as it get louder. Dat Kid looks over in the distance, when something catches his eye.

    Is that @Britanica with Frank The Jock?!

    Dat Kid hops off the pedestal and runs through the crowd, leaving the abortion clinic. The Cure follows after him leaving the crowd of pregnant women chanting Joey Bryant in the middle of the parking lot in front of an abortion clinic.

    Joey Bryant's limo pulls up to the abortion clinic.

    Joey Bryant: Kid told me to meet him here but I don't see him around.

    Joey walks out of the limo to see the women chanting his name in front of the abortion clinic. One of the women sees him.

    Woman: Look it's Joey!

    Joey: Those aren't my kids!

    Joey jumps back in the limo and it screeches off into the distance.
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  2. lmao @ "and careless women"