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    And there you have it ladies and gentlemen. The end of RAW almost guarantees this doesn't it? I hope this happens now.

    EDIT: Since the title got changed I am referring to the Shield vs the Wyatts
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  2. I would love for that to happen at Elimination Chamber. Then during the final weeks leading up to WM, the shield split and have a triple threat at WM!
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  3. Yup that's what I was saying at the end of it too was that it looks to be Wyatts v Shield at EC.. We'll see though long time between now and then I suppose.
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  4. Too much in the title? Sorry mods
  5. You talking about a Sheamus turn?
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  6. Show Spoiler
    They just cost ALL 3 members of the Shield title shots. They ain't taking that lying down. [​IMG]
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  7. Awesome ending to Raw. The Wyatts and Shield almost happened. The Wyatts came out and cost the Shield the match. I hope to see a Wyatts vs Shield match soon. Ok so we know four people that will be in the Elimination Chamber. Randy Orton, Sheanus, John Cena and Daniel Bryan. The crowd was great and the :yes: movement is going strong. (Via Twitter)
  8. Fuck yes! Also... I know it's not gonna happen but... TORNADO ELIMINATION CHAMBER PLS
  9. They have gone at it before and nothing came out of it. Who knows what's going on, but they targeted Cena, so it would appear Cena vs Wyatt at one point. Dean has to defend his U.S. title at one point also,
  10. You know what would be awesome? Since there is only one EC match so far, they can have a three on three EC match finally. Like from the games.
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  11. you dont even need to spoil this lol.
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  12. Punk changed the title on me :((
  13. I loved how that ending went down. I went in expecting The Shield to lose and thus causing even further dissension among the ranks and blah blah blah but the way they executed it was a brilliant way of setting up a showdown between The Shield and the Wyatts. And The Shield jobbing to the Wyatts at Elimination Chamber is the perfect way for them to finally disband for good while also establishing the Wyatts as the new superior group in the company heading into Wrestlemania.
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  14. Anybody else chuckle when Shaemus and Rowan started going at it? Battle of the souless redheads!
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  15. Rowan is just Sheamus with the head on his face.
  16. You mean hair?
  17. He meant head
  18. Take it how you want to.
  19. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    TWINS! One with hair on his head the other with it on his chin