Dat Kid announces who he'll be facing at Payback

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  1. Announcer 1: I'm getting word from the back that Dat Kid is on his way to make the announcement of who he'll be facing at the next pay per view, Payback.

    Announcer 2: You mean picking who he's going to lose to, he's a fluke champion. You want to know an interesting fact about Dat Kid? Although he has won 4 titles in the IWT, he has never had one successful title defense. He's just a transitional champion at best.

    *Dat Kid makes his way to the ring quickly to the ring in his gear with the WWE Championship on his shoulder. He signals for his music to be cut*

    I'm going to make this short and simple, no need for delays because I'm just going to say. At the next pay per view I will be defending my WWE Championship against Victoria Parker. You want to come out and stick your nose where it doesn't belong I'll show you how tough it is at the top of the mountain and then I'm going to kick you back to the bottom. For weeks you have done nothing, but fuck with me. I've been your enemy and your ally and no matter where I am on the spectrum you just don't go away.

    Well come Payback it's ending because the stipulation I want to put in the match is this. If I win this match you will never be able to compete in the same ring as me as long as I have this WWE Championship. Now I know how much of a power hungry person you are and I know you'll accept, so get your deformed ass out here right now and sign this contract.

    *Dat Kid pulls folded paper out of his vest pocket*

    CrayJ Lee
  2. Keeping it in the corporation, such a champ.
  3. Damn dirtsheets.
  4. I support Misogyny so give her hell kid.
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  5. Either way the team wins and we all lose.... again.
  6. *Victoria makes her way down to the ring

    Well, I am certainly pleased that you've reconsidered your decision. It would give me immense pleasure to watch your career crumble at my expense. However...I have a stipulation of my own. You have friends, supporters who would do anything for you. I want no one on the sidelines during the match with no possible interference. If you accept that as well, I will certainly sign that piece of paper.

  7. *Rodrigo appears with his hood on and a sledgehammer on his hand*

    *Crowd go crazy*

    Announcer 1 : Mother of God! He's back! He's back!

    Announcer 2: Cannot be true ! The Spaniard is fucking back!

    *Rodrigo makes his way down to the ring while the crowd keep chanting*

    *Steps into the crowd and stares at Kid*

    *Kid tries to give Rodrigo a handsake*

    *The arena is in silence*

    *Rodrigo smiles to Victoria and then to Kid*

    *He then grabs the sledgehammer and hits Kid on the face,he then starts bleeding*

    Announcer 1: Oh fuck!

    *Rodrigo smiles and looks at Victoria .He then gives her the contract*
  8. *Victoria looks shocked. She slowly walks up to Rodrigo and takes the contract.

    I think I'll go take this to Britanica and get my stipulation included.

    *Victoria kisses Rodrigo on the cheek and smiles

    Thanks. It's nice to have you back.

    *Victoria leaves the ring and heads backstage
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    *Rodrigo leaves the ring and calls Parker, she turns back and looks at rodrigo*
    *Rodrigo gets closer and suddenly hits her with a superkick*
    *Crowd goes wild,Rodrigo takes the contract and signs it. He goes back to the ring,asks for a mic and acts like he's going to talk but he tosses the mic,he spits on Kid,grabs the championship and raises it*

    Announcer 1: That was shocking. Rodrigo has came back and looks like if he has no friends.
    Announcer 2: He's a lonely guy. He's tired of friendships.

    Rodrigo heads backstage with the title and the contract