Storyline Dat Kid Baptizes The Cure

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  1. The Datcolytes come out carrying buckets of water and Aids Johnson kiddie pool (available on IWT Shop). The concubines follow them throwing flower pedals around before Dat Kid walks through the curtains dressed like the pope. As Kid makes his way to the ring, one of the Datcolytes blows up the kiddie pool (Crayo filled in for a Datcolyte). Kid enters the ring and lifts up his cane to talk.

    And God said "Let the wicked repent for their sins in the name of the spray tans, diners, and the holy spirit"

    Datcolytes: Praise be to Kid! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

    Tonight we are here to stand witness to the purification of one of the most foul beings to ever step foot here in the IWT, The Cure. Now I announced that The Cure would return, to be seated at the left hand of God, but they have yet to be seen with me. It's because they have not earned the right to be associated with a being such as myself. So, tonight we are here to stand witness to the baptism of The Cure!

    The Datcolytes pour the water into the kiddie pool.

    Will The Cure please come out and stand beside me...

    Dat Kid looks at the stage

    Don't be afraid, God's love will protect you.

    David & Jwab enter the arena and the crowd starts to boo the two as they make their way to the ring. When they enter the ring, Dat Kid gives them a big group hug.

    Commentator 2: *starts crying*
    Commentaror 1: Oh God, will you get it together.
    Commentator 2: You said the lord's name in vein!

    Will you two gentlemen please kneel down in front of the scared waters of Jersey.

    The cure kneels in front of the kiddie pool.

    Let us pray.

    Dat Kid's followers and The Cure bow their heads.

    Dat Kid we pray to you and thank you for us know your greatness and being the shining light in the IWT, which is a world filled with evil and sin. Give this man your holy spirit, so that he might be your servant until the end of his days. In the name of Jersey Christ. Amen.

    Jwab and you may confess your sins against God to the world.

    Jwab: I masturbated in public!

    God dammit! I said your sins against God!

    David: I watched Aids and George have a homosexual relations!

    Dat Kid throws his cane to the ground and kneels in between Jwab and David. He grabs the back of their heads and dunks them in the water, holding them down as they struggle to get air.

    YOU REPENT FOR YOUR SINS AGAINST ME! For assisting Aids in his journey to become a false king! For speaking out against me! For ruining the IWT by corrupting matches with your involvement! And for making that heinous material that is The Cure DVD! I forgive you for your sins!

    Dat Kid pulls their heads out of the water and they cough and gasp for air.

    Members of the Dat Church From Jersey congregation! I present to you the new @JwabTV and @D-D-David , God's Cure!

    Dat Kid raises his arms in victory and his followers applaud as the crowd is disturbed at what they just saw.
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  2. It'd be awesome if your character was a nigga and he'd convert them into a nigga. By the end of it, you can be like, "You can now put yo hands up!"
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  3. Aids Johnson is seen walking out of the locker room, stunned by what he has seen. As he walks towards the garage area, he meets with a UPS trucker, and signs a waiver. The trucker backs the vehicle up, and Aids opens the hatch as workers start to remove cardboard boxes the size of a refrigerator. Aids looks at them and points towards the locker room area. "Go ahead and drop those boxes off in Dat Sodomite from Jersey's LR." As Aids finishes speaking, one of the workers drops his box, and Cure dvds go spilling out, with hundreds of copies in the one box alone. Aids shakes his head and tells him to "just forget that box, I think 19 boxes of Cure dvds will suffice," as the camera fades.
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