Storyline Dat Kid buries the IWT Championship

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    The light on the camera illuminates the woods during the night as it moves forward. You can hear the footsteps of the person holding it. The camera walks past some trees and we come to a grave in the middle of the woods with a cement truck running, backed up from the road, with the lights off.

    The camera turns to reveal Dat Kid.

    Do you remember when I said there was no loophole or plans when I lost to Trip? I wasn't lying, not at all, but there was something I didn't tell you. When I don't have plans, that's when you should be worried, because that's when I become the beast without a mind! Tell me something, what is a grenade with no target?

    Dat Kid laughs

    ...I'm not sure either, but sometimes I like to think I'm the IWT Champion.

    Dat Kid raises the IWT Championship.

    Mr. Bryant while you lie in the hospital telling yourself not to go to the light, the light of God has come to you and has taken the only thing of value you own. You were so wrapped up in your battle with the devil named Alias, you forgot about your battle with the God named Kid.

    Dat Kid walks over to the cement truck and pulls the lever, making cement run into the grave, then he stops it about halfway.

    Mr. Bryant you were my greatest creation, whether you want to admit it or not. And whether you want to admit it or not you have reached your pinnacle. When's the last time you heard the crowd chant Jo-ey Bry-ant? Weeks, months? But fear not, the crowd will once again chant for you, except this time it will be a phrase that signifies your end...

    Jesus wept

    Dat Kid drops the IWT Championship in the cement and watches it sink for a bit before he pulls the lever to fill the grave. Dat Kid smiles at the camera before dropping it into the grave.
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  2. OOC: I guess not hahah since Summerslam is unifying them anyway, I don't mind. Nicely written, Dat Thief.
  3. First you steal our bikes, and now the IWT Championship!
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  4. Stealin' titles, opportunities, virginities and looking good doin it.
  5. cant read purple/10
  6. no one wants you here/10
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  7. jesus fucking christ, learn 2 spoiler
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  8. We cancelled it.
  9. 0 fucks/10. Go eat some pollock fgt
  10. k
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  11. k? are you 14?
  12. are you mad?
  13. I'm glad. My hand is still up.