Storyline Dat Kid calls Britanica

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  1. Dat Kid sits in Trip's office while he waits for the GM to come back. He's on the phone with someone.

    Hey Brit it's me again. I've been trying to reach you all weekend and you haven't been returning my calls. Look, I fell a little short at MITB, but you know me I can bounce back, but I can't do that is I'M A FUCKING BITCH BOY TO-

    Dat Kid takes a deep breath

    I need you to open all those fancy little rulebooks I gave you and I need you to some sort of way I-WE can get out of this. I've been calling you for the longest now and this is unacceptable!

    Someone picks up the phone.

    Britanica: Well then maybe you should stop calling.

    The phone hangs up

    Brit! Brit! You stupid bitch!

    Dat Kid tosses the office phone across the room and breaks it.
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  3. *Trip in the Head enters his office just after the phone smashes against the wall. He looks at the phone on the floor in a heap and seems annoyed*

    TRIP: Really Dat Kid? Really? You know I hate the Miz and you do this shit to make me use his catchphrase? Son of a bitch. And I mean you btw. Jesus, what a pain in the ass you are as a "slave", as everyone is referring to you now.

    *Trip picks up the phone pieces and shoves them at Dat Kid*

    Now take care of this mess and go get me a new phone! I have calls I need to make to run this business. We'll deal with your....ahem - punishment.......later.​
  4. Dat Kid takes the pieces of the phone and throws them a Trip's trash.

    No sense holding on to things that I break.

    Dat Kid starts to walk away from Trip
  5. *Trip grabs Dat Kid by the back of his shirt before he walks away, pulling him back*

    TRIP: I don't want that shit in here. Take out your own trash when you leave at least. *Trip picks up the trashcan and gives it to Dat Kid. He then walks over and opens the door for him.* Now don't be gone too long, I need that new phone. Its important.​
  6. Dat Kid takes the trashcan before staring down Trip and exits his office.

    20 minutes later

    Dat Kid returns with a Hello Kitty phone and puts it on Trip's desk.

    There you go, boss.
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  7. *Trip takes the Hello Kitty phone from Dat Kid and smiles. He dials a number real quick*

    TRIP: Hey - yeah, I'm going to need an ambulance here.........*as soon as Trip finishes that last word he turns and hits Dat Kid in the head with the phone, Dat kid falling back from the impact.*

    You think THAT'S funny huh?
    *Trip kicks Dat kid in the ribs HARD*
    Real funny ain't it!?
    *Trip kicks Dat Kid in the ribs again*
    Ha ha hahaha! I'm laughing so hard right now.
    *Trip grabs one of those wheeled office chairs and slams it over Dat Kid's body on the floor, pieces off it breaking off from the force used. Trip opens the door and steps outside the office as the camera follows him*
    MEDIC! We need a medic! My property thought he would be a smartass and now he's fallen and can't get up!

    *Trip smiles at the camera and chuckles before closing the door and leaving the camera outside of his office. The feed fades to black.*
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