Storyline Dat Kid calls out Britanica

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  1. Dat Kid comes out to the stage and taps his cane on the floor to check if it's sturdy. Dat Kid makes this :obama: after verifying it will not snap in half. Kid continues to make his way down to the ring as people in the boo and even one fan tries to take a swing at kid as he turns the corner. Kid points to the guy and security takes the guy away as Kid makes his way to the ring, so the camera doesn't catch it.
    The crowd is booing so loudly that Kid cant even begin to speak. He can't help but laugh at the entire situation
    If you all could just take a second to shut your damn mouths, I have a few things to address and get off my chest. ​
    The crowd continues to boo
    This is why I can't wait to get back to the east coast because you're all a bunch of uncivilized monkeys! I want to talk about what happened last night! You know last night was a major disappointment for me. Two young individuals who I thought were the future of this company failed me.​
    Even though Airbourne no showed, I think it was Shadow who failed me the most. You had Victoria in the palm of your hand in that match and you failed to capitalize on it. That's what history will remember you as, A FAILURE! Then you tried to shake Victoria's hand?! What were you thinking?! You try to shake someone's hand after they kick your ass.​
    "Why thank you, it was an honor for you to whip me in front of millions like a little bitch". Fuck that! I That's not how I wanted to be Summerslam to be remembered as and now it will be remembered as ME holding the championship over both you and Victoria Parker!​
    Fans: You're a faggot! *clap clap* *clap clap clap*
    That's not what your mother said last night!​
    There's one more thing I need to address while I'm out here. It seems that some crazy ass bitch made her way back into this company. You know when you came out last time I wasn't expecting you to attack me. I thought that you were just one of those desk jockeys.​
    You think you can waltz in here on your prison bus and make a fool out of me? This company is thriving through me and you're just jealous because I have taken what is yours! Not only have I taken it, I have made it better than you ever could! So if you got a problem with how I run things why don't we settle our differences right here tonight!​
    I am not at 100% right now, but I'm willing to bet that if you came out here right now I could still beat you. Britanica you come out here right now and I will hang you by your extensions! Come on!​
    Kid hits the ropes with his cane as the crowd chants "We want Brit"


  2. *The music hits and the crowd starts screaming*
    *Britanica comes out with no police, no guards, no bus*
    *She begins skipping down the ramp then stops and does cartwheels*
    *She grabs a mic from behind the announcer table and slaps one of the announcers across the face then precedes twirling around the ring.*
    *The music cuts off as she steps in the ring*

    "Why hello there my chocolate candy bar. You really do have some great big balls calling me out. You may want to go check on your office though... *titantron shows Dat Kid's office is on fire* I do love fire. Do you love fire? *smirks as the ring begins to catch on fire* *the crowd starts yelling hysterically* Now that I have you and you have no where to run... why don't we settle this old man. *walks right up to Dat Kid's face* You see... When I ran this company, I had blue ones, and white ones and pink ones... Oh don't look so confused old man! I was on drugs! They kept me sane, in check, but *sighs and does a spin*... My creativity was greatly stuck from them! *The police begin to run down to the ring as the flame begin to grow* Oh, don't look to them to save you! I may have accidentally put something in their coffee... Oops.... *The police begin to pass out before reaching the ring* did I do that? *Britanica grabs Dat Kid's cane* I see you brought your toothpick back out to play! How darling. Lets have a play date, shall we?

    *Britanica looks around and begins beating Dat Kid with his cane while the crowd's cheers quickly turn into gasps*
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  3. *The lights in the arena shut off as does the fire surrounding the ring

    *The lights are back on and we see a man standing behind Britanica with a chair

    *Britanica turns around and see's a bearded man

    *The man connects a chair shot on Britanica's head

    Show Spoiler

    Announcer 1: What the hell? What's going on?
    Announcer 2: Wait a minute! That's Christian! What on earth is he doing back in the IWT!?

    *Christian pulls Britanica from her hair and yells at her

    Christian: You're crazy, huh?!

    *Christian throws repeated rights onto Britanica's forhead

    *Britanica's busted open

    Announcer 1: By gawd. This... is just a brutal beat down by Christian... He has no business being here!
    Announcer 2: Someone needs to get security in there! Can you believe it? CHRISTIAN IS BACK! Why on earth is he back and attacking Britanica!?

    *Dat Kid stumbles and looks at the man and realizes it's Christian

    *Dat Kid laughs and leaves the ring

    *Christian leaves the ring and snatches a fans beer bottle

    *Christian pours the beer over Britanica

    Announcer 2: What does he think he's doing?!

    *Christian smashes the bottle over Britanica's head

    *Christian pops out a lighter

    *Crowd screams in horror

    Announcer 1: Oh no! Someone get security in there!

    *Security arrive to break it up

    *Christian resists security and breaks free

    *Britanica slowly gets up on her feet with securities assistance

    *Christian spears Britanica

    *Security grabs Christian and pulls him back

    *Christian laughs and jumps over the barricade as he leaves the arena

    *Security goes to check on Britanica

    Announcer 1: We need to get medical out here.
    Announcer 1: Christian, having no business at here, lets look back on this... vicious spear.

    Announcer 2: Britanica, helpless and couldn't even defend herself...
    Announcer 1: You know who didn't look surprised? Dat Kid!
    Announcer 2: That's true! We want answers here!

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