Dat Kid From jersey's Final Words

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Sackfist, Oct 31, 2012.

  1. Dat Kid is unable to access the forum on his phone, so he skype'd me this:

    Dat Kid From Jersey:emoji_stuck_out_tongue:ost the following in the wf locker room with the title dat kid's farewell. Please[00:01:51]

    [00:27:29] Dat Kid From Jersey: It's been a grEat two moNths on here & i got to have some great Discussions with even greater people. I'd like to thank you guys for putting up with my shenanigans. I dont want to say this is the last time you'll see me, but i will be gOne for quite some time.

    I was planning on having a separate Farewell for nwo but THat wont be possiblE. THanks for alloWing me to jOin my 3rd week in, i still believe we've got the best group, but everything is debatable, Right seabs :haha: u guys need to recruit more, one of the few advantages showoff has over us is activity. Wats the sense of being the best if we're not prominent enough for anyone to see. You guys know my picks, push those fuckers in and stop taLkin bout cake, you fat summum bitch....you're fat! :steiner: looks like farooq will be the only black guy here.

    For crayo, im willing to bet your not as high on me as u were 1 month ago, its all gooD. Still <3 u, anal lube & all :ksi: as much crap as u get, u a good admin. Proud to be one of ur favs, if i still am lol. Btw if u wanted to ban me u didnt have to send a hurricane to knock out my electricity. #Illuminati

    Xanth keep up the good work with kanye.

    Lacky congrats on motm & i mean tht with the most insincerity, damn you! :aries:

    Sheldor, keep el nino alive as i would.

    Cm punk & brit, see your crazy asses on live

    Seabs its been really nice having tht debate & wen nwo becomes the dominate group we'll have a decisive winner :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:P

    I think i got to evry1 i needed to. Excuse my typos, using my phone for this. I'll be back someday, til then, wenver u watch japanese tentacle rape porn, think of me :haha:
    [00:27:51] Dat Kid From Jersey: Send tht
  2. Damn shame he's gone but that was a nice goodbye. Quite annoying that he can't access the site for some reason though :downer:. Be a darling and tell him my opinion on him hasn't changed at all from the beginning, lol.
  3. Is he dying or something?
  4. Done
  5. @[dethfvk] Oh :gtfo: If you don't know what's going on and trying to be funny.. @[Dat Kid From Jersey] Bye, my bestie.
  6. I don't know what's going on :dawg:

    Anyway, sucks he's gone. He was a great poster and a funny dude.
  7. He didn't say he was never coming back. :dawg: He'll be back.. Trust me.
  8. :yay:


    Did his house get fucked up because of the hurricane or something?
    Or is he just leaving randomly?
  9. :facepalm: He is leaving because of money charges and something like that.
  10. /me is the last black guy

    :sad: :why: :upset: Mah homie is gone :((
  11. Good bye young Skywalker.
  12. I'll be seeing you see Dat Kid. You're an awesome guy to talk to and your youtube stuff is also great. You basically let everyone know how it was in your opinion and they don't have to like you but they better respect you. Later brother
  13. See you on WWE '13:pity1:
  14. And Uno. :pity: :otunga:

    XBOX LIVE!!!! :obama:
  15. Me > You - On Uno :true: BTW, did you get a weird message from EvilSk8r?
  16. He sent me like 5 messages. I didn't read/listen to them all. He's weird. :dawg::pity::otunga:
  17. Remove him.

    You listen to my messages. :willis:
  18. Did... you, send...some? :notsure:
  19. Voice Messages.:smug:
  20. I didn't get them. Haven't been on xbox though. The husband's been playing wwe 13 the past 2 days. lol I was on for a little bit earlier making Chyna. Thats it. His work's power is out so he had the last two days and tomorrow off. I wont be on much. lol