Storyline Dat Kid responds to Rodrigo on TMZ

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  1. Dat Kid was spotted today at the airport while the 1 year anniversary of the IWT was still being shown on TV. Our cameras caught up to the slacker and this is what happened:

    Dat Kid unpacks his grabs is luggage from the cab

    Reporter: You're off of work pretty early
    Dat Kid: …

    Dat Kid walks pass the reporters

    Reporter: You're not going to be on the show tonight?
    Dat Kid: ….

    Reporter: Rodrigo called you out tonight, not going to respond?
    Dat Kid: I don't waste my time with flash in the pan performers.

    Dat Kid walks into the airport

    Reporter: He was talking about how he beat you for the United States Championship
    Dat Kid: *Dat Kid laughs* Oh was he now.

    Dat Kid stops walking away

    Dat Kid: If he's so great, then how come he's never won an IWT Championship?
    Reporter: He's only had one shot against you and Vic-
    Dat Kid: No, Rodrigo's had shots. He was in line to be a champion and he fucked that up on his own. Not showing up to matches. I heard about Rodrigo's little spiel. He wants to talk about personal problems. How many times has he no showed matches? And mean, what kind of demons is he hiding. There's a reason Rodrigo no shows matches and it ain't cause of traffic.
    Reporter: Well we're just trying to understand why you're so critical of Rodrigo, when he's doing pretty good as an IWT Superstar-
    Dat Kid: Oh, you know what it takes to be an IWT Superstar?
    Reporter: Well no, but I have done smaller indie things befo-
    Dat Kid: No you don't!
    Reporter: Yeah but it's-
    Dat Kid: You ain't got the answers!
    Reporter: Kid-
    Dat Kid: You ain't got the answers!

    Dat Kid knocks the camera to the ground
    Dat Kid: You ain't got the fuckin answers!
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  2. OOC: Marked for the Kanye reference lmfao.
  3. OOC: Dat kid is on an airplane while IWT's anniversary was shown.

    Dat kid masturbates backstage.

    Dat kid is around, watching the match as it happens.

  4. Dat Kid is everywhere
    Dat Kid is jesus
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  5. See you tomorrow then, i'll be the one defending my belt.
  6. Who needs belts when you're a god amongst filth
  7. I actually am both. You are like my ex girlfriend who get's money from my paychecks.
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  8. Its a wonderful world when more people pay attention to a girl in the looney bin than the main event champion. 3x champion, 3x irrelevant
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  9. lol Bro can't hate on other's doing work. How is your brand doing? Failed? Well at least you are above contributing to others shit now that you're back in IWT.
  10. Tell me.....he did not just say that :booker:
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  11. shhh, don't hate on the guy who went 2-8 before he lucked into the IWT title picture.

    Don't make me put my relevant hoodie on.
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  12. How's your ACW run going or how about that time u decided to be "full time" FNW? You came crawling back to IWT just like i did, dont even front
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  13. And we're better for it.
  14. Come back to ACW, we need more jobbers
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  15. I'm sure you do.

    The uppercard here just is too much > the card there.
  16. You have to see the promos when they get put up. My gimmick over there is GOAT. Come back and you could probably get into the upper card if you had a legit gimmick. Your brewers one is worse than FTJ's gimmick
  17. lol i'm forced to be a face there, and i have put 0 time in since june bro.

    I have skipped more matches than i've showed for, and the gimmick is the one i'm essentially told i "have to" use. I know thing's are easier when you are allowed character development, but i wasn't, and it's why most of us old members are gone now. Sack is my brother and I appreciate everything from him, but i'm not coming back as a face there, period. The brewers gimmick isn't even a gimmick, it's just a jersey i wear.
  18. Use your IWT character and be a face. I'm supposed to be a heel and I do heelish things all the time yet I'm a top face. Heel = Face
  19. lol my IWT character is for IWT, and i'm keeping the Champ here. I was a heel here but i had time to develop to become a face (since we have next to none)

    I'm not coming back to ACW anytime soon, let the idea go.
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  20. bro we needed the champ :sad: :okay: