Dat Kid visits his old neighborhood.

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  1. A bunch of hood rats stand in front of the corner store. The neighborhood is littered with trash, a broken down playground, dirt lots, graffiti on nearly every building, and crack heads by the mile. The guys in front of the store are rolling dice.

    Dat Kid drives up to the corner in a limo. The guys stop playing as Dat Kid walks out of the limo.

    Guy 1: Oh shit, we ain't see you in a while! What's good nigga? *He goes to give Kid dap, but the leader of the group stops him*
    Leader: Yeah, we ain't seen your punk ass around here. Fuck you want? You don't live here no more.

    Dat Kid walks pass them and picks up the dice on the floor.

    I came here to play.

    Dat Kid pulls a stack of cash out of his suit jacket.

    $10,000 on this next roll.

    Leader: This nigga stupid.

    You gonna let me play or what?

    The leader steps aside from the pile of cash on the sidewalk. Dat Kid rolls the dice, it comes out as 3 The guys start laughing.

    Seems I got bad luck.

    Leader: Damn straight, Lil Bitch Nigga From Jersey

    He goes to take Kid's cash out his hand. Kid grabs the guys hand and pulls him towards him, he grabs his head and smashes it through his limousine window. Before the others can jump Kid, he pulls out his cane and swings it in front of him.

    Now hold up a second! Look at what you broke mothafuckas got in that pile! What is that, 50 bucks, max?!

    One of them tries to take a swing at Kid. Kid thrusts the point of his cane into the guys crotch, kneeling him forward, then hits him with a knee. The other guys back up.

    Any one want to interrupt me again. Don't even reach for what I think you got tucked in your jeans or I will fuck you up before you even get the chance to use it. $1,800 a week! Working for me! That's what I'm offering! Now I could've hired some punk ass walmart security, but I need people I can trust. Now I came back to home thinking I could find these people, but it seems like you guys wanna roll with ol dumbass nigga with his head stuck in my window.

    Guy 1: We ain't going to be no bodyguard in IWT, that shit's gay.

    You think they'd let you dirty ass on IWT? I'm talking about AMW. It's a small show, but that's gonna change soon. Aside from that, do you really want to hustle in this dusty ass street for the rest of your life. Bitches think that's cute now, but that's not gonna be the case 5 years from now and that's if you live long enough to see another 5 years. However...

    Dat Kid opens his car door, the leader falls to the ground. Women are inside the car waving at the guys.

    ...bitches always love me.

    The guys look at each other as Dat Kid stands with the door open.

    Guy 1: Iiight. We'll work for you Kid.

    That's what I thought.
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  2. Ha I didin't even read this before my promo. I guess they were cheap hired thugs lol