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    Dat Kid and Aids, post your promo's here please. Promo's will be for 60 minute, and a poll for 48 hours will then commence.




  2. Dat Kid vs Aids #1 Contenders Match [Promo's & Poll]

    From FTW
  3. RE: Dat Kid vs Aids #1 Contenders Match [Promo's & Poll]

    :pity: you should be a more supportive girlfriend.

    You starting it out @From?
  4. Dat Kid vs Aids #1 Contenders Match [Promo's & Poll]

    It's time. Not just time for this match but it's time to end you Aids. Not just as an IWT superstar Aids, no, but your entire being. For too long you've been a pain in everyones ass and no matter how many times you get fired, you keep coming back. Well I'm not no bitch ass administration Aids, you're looking at the guy who is going to beat you so badly that you won't want to come back. When I'm through with you, you'll be begging to be banned...again!

    I already know what you're going to say, you're going to talk this nonsense about how you found me and how you "made me". Well let me be the one to abort that baby before it even sees the light of day. You didn't make me Aids and there are some people here that would like to think that I'm Aids Johnson Jr. Hell the match is even booked as Protege vs Predecessor, but I find it highly inaccurate. The moment I walked in here I was already your equal, so much to the fact that you bent the rules of your own group, just so you could beg me to join NWO and save that then sinking ship, and I did.

    Then I prove to the world that I am not only better than you as a member of NWO, but I'm better than you in FNW, nobody drew more attention to that company than me! Now you're the one literally following in my footsteps by coming here to the IWT and by some strange miracle you automatically get in this match for the #1 Contender's spot that we all know is rightfully mine! You're not my predecessor, you're not even a champ as much as you would like to call yourself that, you're nothing Aids.
  5. RE: Dat Kid vs Aids #1 Contenders Match [Promo's & Poll]

    I could waste everyone's time and remind them that you were just a junior member on Cynthio's dick with "monthly goals" and "review hopes" to get the members down on you. I was the one who gave you opportunity, and there was no begging involved. Farooq told me you were a good option, and seeing myself leaving i made the move to insure my group could stay afloat while i was gone, but that isn't why people call you aids Jr.

    They call you aids Jr because you defended me even when i was wrong, you took my cause up for me while i was gone and blindly followed in the footsteps of your predecessor, which is why this is the match made to keep my Protoge in check. We are not equals, but you are on my level. There is going to be an hour between equals, but after it is all said and done you will find your place back at the end of the line. You may be top tier, but i am what a champion should be.

    The IWT should give you credit, you have put together quite a group of cronies, who argue/fight for the lower belts and occasionally give you a fight you lose to filled with shame. I was asked to join, to make the belt worth getting, and then Senhor lucked into it with a promotional battle. He should have won randy's usertitle for a month, not waste our IWT time with his bland, useless time on the mic. This is my time to shine, but you are in the light too. Dont fuck this up.
  6. RE: Dat Kid vs Aids #1 Contenders Match [Promo's & Poll]

    There you go talking down to once again. Let me put this in to perspective for you Aids so that even someone like you can understand. I said when I walked in here I was your equal, I never said I was your equal now. Aids I have surpassed you in a few short months and I have done things that you could only hope to do. This company is mine, just like everything else you had your grubby little hands in at one point is mine! You don't have jack shit Aids and you sure as hell don't have the right to tell me "Don't fuck this up".

    How about you try not to fuck this up, because knowing you, you'll probably get fired halfway in to this match. That is if you can even keep up with me you miserable old bastard.

    You are right about one thing. I did back you up when you were gone and what did it get me? Nothing. Matter of fact ever since I split from NWO I've been on top. I am the leader of the most dominant group here and I did that only 1 week after leaving your group, the supposed "best group" here. The only time NWO was close to being the best was when I was in it waving the black and white flag because your crew of misfit, part timing, nobodies couldn't get the job done.

    Yeah I see the light shining down in this ring, but I also see a splotch of mediocrity in it beside m- oh that's you! Once again trying to lay claim to things you simply don't deserve. Why don't you just do us all a favor and put yourself down like the old dog you are.

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    that last line felt harsh, apologizing for it now :haha:
  7. RE: Dat Kid vs Aids #1 Contenders Match [Promo's & Poll]

    Degeneration X? You are referring to the same group that was Wolfpac, aka nWoRed and Black aka the flunkies. You put a decent group together, but nWo when it had lacky (i was banned) was better than the wolfpac. :pity2: I get you have the entitlement issues, but you have to be fucking kidding yourself. SP was better than your first group, Senhor and Danielson are the main reasons your group did anything. My group is full of BITW winners, we can talk about it when you get there.

    As far as FNW goes, you were El Nino, like the failure who goes on the weekend G rated show to make kids laugh when he loses, because everyone is used to seeing you Job From. I came here and pulled you into the big leagues, and it must have been too soon because all i see here is you losing to people who are supposed to be beneath you. People who can't even win the midcard put you to sleep. You really think you can beat Senhor? He is miles ahead of you. This title was as good as mine the minute seabs ran away and Stopspot decided he wasn't good enough. You and I are all that's left in this division filled with people who "want."

    I take what is mine, i have no reason to want. You need to stick to your group because 1v1 you dont have two legs to stand on.
  8. RE: Dat Kid vs Aids #1 Contenders Match [Promo's & Poll]

    Funny how you say I don't have two legs to stand on, when you're on your knees getting raped right now.

    It's true I lose a lot and hell if you're going by statistics, I'm destined to lose this match, and destined to not even be on the card for Wrestlemania. That's not what's happening here right now Aids. I didn't show up tonight because I came here to lose. Matter of fact, I don't show up any night to lose. Every time I'm in a match I will give it everything I got with the intentions to win and that might not happen. Hell it's only happened once in my entire IWT career, but the reason I'm oddly in this #1 contenders match is because I am the best at what I do and no god damn win/loss record is going to tell me otherwise.

    I am supposed to be WWE champion right now and I was one pinfall away from winning on it's debut match, just one. The WWE Championship has alluded me for quite some time now, but I have never had a one on one match for it. Something that should have been given to me naturally. This is my once shot, to finally get that one on one match for the WWE title. If I don't win this, I can not call myself an IWT superstar. I don't give a damn if I have to face the entire IWT locker room so I can get my title match at Wrestlemania, I will do it.

    I have a resolve that's unrelentless and I know the same can not be said for you Aids. You don't have the drive you used to. You're old, barely entertaining, and you can't perform at my level anymore. I may not have two legs under me, but I don't need two legs to beat the unfathomably inferior has been that stands in front of me now
  9. Dat Kid vs Aids #1 Contenders Match [Promo's & Poll]

    8 minutes left! Aids you need to get another promo in if you can!
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    Should close this after Aids rebuttal.
  11. RE: Dat Kid vs Aids #1 Contenders Match [Promo's & Poll]

    If he gets it in in time.
  12. Dat Kid vs Aids #1 Contenders Match [Promo's & Poll]


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  15. Good job guys, may the best man win.
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  16. Am I the only one who realized that Dat Kid spelled "too" as "two"?
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  17. Nope


    Damnit huge battle here!Hard to decide
  18. Where, so i can correct it
  19. "For two long you've been a pain in everyones ass"

    First line, first promo.