Dat Kid vs. Drake Wolfe

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Who won?

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  1. Dat Kid

  2. Drake Wolfe

  1. @Dat Kid takes on myself.

    The time limit doesn't matter & voting will be for 24 hours. ​

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  2. *The lights on the stage fade to black, and a silence falls over the arena. Suddenly, a very familiar tune starts to echo throughout the arena's P.A system.*

    *A flash of white light illuminates the darkened stage, and Drake emerges from the curtain at the 0:22 mark with his back turned to the crowd, actually being greeted to a mixed response. Wolfe turns around at gazes at the crowd, dried blood stained on his right eye from the brawl that took place just moments before. Instead of waiting for the rest of his special effects to kick in Drake methodically walks down the ramp, and he makes way to ringside for a mic, but doesn't enter the ring.

    I could say that I've been looking forward to this day for almost two years now, because I have. And I could go on and on about the history that I've shared with Dat Kid, but I won't. For the longest time I could remember I held this deep, pent up frustration with you Kid regarding the events that took place. It felt like it was just eating me alive. However, overtime my frustrations with you started to dwindle. The anger was being replaced with one thing, and that's pity. Watching everything progress as time went on by and things kept on getting worse for you, until you seemingly disappeared.

    For the longest time while I still loathed you Kid, I did respect you. The reason being is that you were unlike most of the others, no matter what transpired you refused to fade away. In fact you were willing to leave this company, not once, but twice to make your own promotion and to stake your claim as one of the best. You even managed to walk out the victor in the final battle at Survivor Series, even though you never really were involved in it. Everything was looking up for you, but then you started to appear less and less. FSW was left to die, not like you cared or anything, and you were no where to be seen for whatever reason it may have been. Maybe it was to ignite a buzz, to make everyone believe that we might have seen the last of Dat Kid. But for whatever reason it was the fact remained that you simply weren't around. And now you're back, out of nowhere it seems. Not for long though, but you're back nonetheless. You've made it clear that after IWTMania you're done with all of this. And you're not back to reclaim the IWT Championship, which is now held by someone you also have quite the bit of history with. You're not even back to stick it to the IWT one last time. So what then? Are you just going to have one last hoorah? A one off match at Mania, one that'll probably smack in the center of the card, and then you're gone.

    *Drake goes up the nearest steps, and enters the ring.*

    The entire time that I've wanted this match it was to get back at you for what transpired. But now, it's completely changed. I simply want to be the one that puts you out of commission once and for all, just like I did to Midas! I don't want to grant you the satisfaction of retiring after one last match at IWTMania. Instead, you're going to go out with nothing. No grand stage, no special effects, and no admiration from a big crowd. You're going to go out in a match that won't even make it to television.

    Your time is up Kid, but my reign, my reign is just beginning.
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  3. Streams of bright light move up and down from the stage, slowly moving around the audience as the light begins to fade into purple. When 0:41 hits a blast of smoke comes up from the stage and Dat Kid slowly walks out of it with a taped cane in hand. Kid signals for his music to be cut off.

    Ladies and Gentlemen my name is Dat Kid, I am a former IWT, World Heavyweight, Tag Team, European, United States, and FSW Champion! I am an elimination chamber winner, the leader of both winning teams at Survivor Series, 3-0 at Wrestlemania, a man who has managed boys to a total of 4 championships, the only man to ever beat Joey Bryant and Alias Antonio in a handicap match!

    And I am proud to bring to you a man that I have managed! You should all be licking the ground that this man stands on! He is the FUTURE of this company and a man who will continue the legacy I leave behind when I am done with his place. Ladies and Gentlemen that man is the champion of the people of tomorrow, that man is SUICIDE!

    Dat Kid points to Drake and smiles. The arena starts a suicide chant, THG's sister dumps her boyfriend immediately. Kid's smile goes away with a snap.

    And that's exactly what I would have said if this was 2013. And I KNOW I am notorious liar, but I'm not going to die in this company with more sins on my conscience than I already have.

    However I will not lie to you about one thing. If you beat me here tonight you will begin your reign, but why don't you take your eyes off the throne and take a look at your kingdom. Look at this place, it's a sad shell of itself. A bunch of old washed up men trying to harp on past glories while the failures of that generation try to pick on the rotting corpses of their careers. It is not me who has went away, it's all of you.

    You said it yourself, I was the one thing in IWT that was everlasting, so much so that I have outlasted the IWT ITSELF! People look around for remnants of the 'good ol days', there is a little glimmer of it, but that light goes out come Wrestlemania. I may be walking out and I may not be going for the gold, but don't let that conceptualize the idea that I'm some old dog that needs to get put down. Senhor Perfect was an old dog, Seabs was an old dog, Midas was an old dog. So spare me the pity, because the only reason I'm back is because I pity YOU.

    I'm allowing you to have the greatest match of your career and allowing IWT to have one last hoorah with it's greatest product, me.
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  4. You may be right, Kid. Come WrestleMania the IWT might just fade out entirely, in the blink of an eye. But the thing is, with every death there is life. When you look at the land of the IWT you see a barren wasteland, bleak and lifeless. And without you any sign of life will fail to be seen, but I see otherwise. When I look at the land of the IWT I see some trees withering away, but the soil looks just as fertile as ever. Those trees need to be cut down, and we need to begin anew. I myself have already begun planting seeds and everything will come into fruition when WrestleMania rolls around.

    I'm not claiming to be some Martyr of the IWT, some Savior, or even some God! However, I am more than willing to take the role as the new King of the IWT. The entire reason is more than just because I took my former partner, my once best friend, Midas, and ended his career right before his eyes. It's because I'm more than capable to reign over this kingdom, and I am fully prepared to restore the prestige of it. I started my reign when I took out Midas, and after I go through you I'm going to walk in the Elimination Chamber, outlast every other person in the ring and walk out the victor. Everything will come to a head at WrestleMania when I go up against the champion Lee didn't choose and end the night on top, with the title held high over my head! And with me at the helm of the IWT I will not only restore it to its former glory, but I'm going to make everyone forget that the past ever even happened.

    *The crowd responds negatively and Drake pauses for a couple of moments.*

    I'm not going to lie to you either Kid, you are probably my biggest challenge to date.
    However, by the end of this you're going to see exactly why I'm not only the person of tomorrow, but also the man of today.

    *Wolfe leans on the ropes and waits for Kid to come down.*
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  6. *Growing ever more frustrated Drake kicks the bottom rope repeatedly before trying to regain his composure.*

    Dat Kid, you can look me in the eye and you can call me a parasite, you can call me selfish and I'll stare back at your beady little eyes and I'll say you're DAMN RIGHT! I'm selfish because I will do whatever it takes to advance my career. And despite everything I've said we can still relate to one another. Somewhat. We've both lied, we've both cheated, we've both backstabbed someone, and we've politicked here and there. However, at least I've owned up to it all! I don't shroud it with a higher purpose or pass the blame on something else.

    Let's get one thing perfectly clear though Kid, I was The People of Tomorrow, I was The Desperadoes, I was SIN! The fact is I never needed a Midas, a Frie, and I sure as HELL didn't need you, Kid. The fact is all of you guys ever did was cramp my space, and prevent me from reaching my full potential. And now that I have kicked them to the curb, I proudly stand here as one of THE most dominant factors within the IWT today. Without them I was THE single BEST person in the Royal Rumble, it took four people to eliminate me! Without them I took home two Slammy awards by myself. And without them I'm going to go on and walk out of the Elimination Chamber THE victor, and I will headline the IWT's third WrestleMania and not only reign over this company but restore it to its former glory. Had I gotten the chance then you would've just been another jewel in my crown, but it's better late than never.

    ...When I said that I was willing to risk it all I wasn't lying for once. Kid, you saw first hand what I did to my partner, Midas to focus on myself. Just imagine Kid, imagine what I am capable of doing to you tonight. If I have to go back and get that bloody rail road spike that I have already used before to take you out then so be it! I'm not about to let you or anyone else to get in my way of every single thing that I've been working towards this past month. My whole career has been building up to these next couple of months and yeah, you played you're role in it. But that was long ago, you may have outlived the IWT but I have surpassed you and you fucking know it!

    You claimed that you were already dead, Kid. However, that is NOT the case. Not yet anyways. Because when all is said and done, and the smoke fades away I will show to the entire world that god can in-fact die! And god will in-fact... die.

    Jesus Wept.
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  7. Dat Kid smiles while twirling his mic as he walks down to the ring. Kid reaches up to the second rope and climbs on the apron.

    You say you don't need me, but you steal my catchphrase.

    Dat Kid raises his hands and shrugs before entering the ring.

    I mean that basically sums up your entire career, doesn't it Suicide? Look at everything you listed and ask yourself, did you do it before me? Because the Suicide I remember, you know, the one before you decided to change your name to some fag rapper...yeah that guy. That guy was a green little kid who wouldn't know what a stab in the back was if Edward Scissorhands was giving him a massage. I taught you everything you know, especially the art of a good backstab, but the only difference between me and you is that I know how to use it.

    Who'd you stab in the back? Midas? Give me a break. Tell me exactly how that's gonna accelerate your career. Beating some hack whop couldn't cut it in the main event, real impressive. The fact is, no one has been holding you back or how you put it "cramp your space". You've got more space than ever and you've had it for a very long time Shadow, but your career accelerates at a rate slower than a Joey Bryant appearance.

    Suicide, you can't surpass me, because you've already been domesticated to be nothing more than a mid carder. There's gonna be a point when your body starts to ache every day and you know your curtain call will be coming up. If that day were to happen tomorrow, the only chance of you getting inducted into the hall of fame is if your tag team with Midas is inducted and we all know he was better with Erik Draven anyway.

    Jesus wept.

    Dat Kid tosses the mic at Suicide's feet and paces the ring, eyes on Suicide the whole time.
  8. Look at these workhorses working a match for 11 days. Round of applause, please.
  9. Alright alright alright, 11 days later and the voting is opennnnn.
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  10. Great match.
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  11. Honestly, I was pretty unsatisfied on my part. I had quite the bit of content to work with, but I didn't want to stretch anything seeing as we were going to go three rounds. I'm just glad that we finally got the chance to get this done seeing as I've felt like the trigger shoulda been pulled on this back when the iron was hot. Better late than never though.
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  12. The bell rings and the match FINALLY commences:

    Dat Kid and Drake Wolfe begin with a lock up to feel each other out, Kid moves through and positions Drake in a side headlock. Kid wrenches down on Drake's neck as he has him in the headlock, but Wolfe whips him off. As Kid rebounds off of the ropes Drake goes for his old finisher, the Decapitator(superkick), but Kid ducks it! Kid runs off of the opposite side and tries to go for his own finisher, Jesus Wept(running big-boot), but Wolfe just barely dodges it! The two have reached a stalemate thus far, so both of the competitors meet with one another and just start laying into each-other with punches! Kid starts to get the upper-hand on Drake so he begins to utilize his knees, and just starts ramming them into Dat Kid's mid-section. Drake is able to back Kid into a corner and begins to mix up his knees and strikes. With Dat Kid seeming dazed Drake runs to the opposite corner, and goes to hit Kid with a running high knee but Kid gets his head down and uses Wolfe's momentum to send him over the corner and out of the ring! Drake tries to regain his composure and uses the barricade to pick himself back up. He begins to try to walk around the ringside getting the most of the ten count to make Kid wait, but Dat Kid isn't having any of it. Kid begins to run and connects with a Tope Con Hilo on Drake! Both men are down and out outside of the ring!

    ~Fast forward 10 minutes~

    Dat Kid is seen knocked out on the mat, bleeding from his mouth and Drake is climbing the closest turnbuckle, his wound on the eye re-opened. Wolfe spreads his arms out and smirks for a couple of moments before trying to connect with a swanton bomb, but Kid got his knees up! Drake took way too long! Dat Kid tries to take advantage and pins Drake, the referee begins to count: ...1!...2!.. Kick out! Drake kicked out at the last second! Growing more frustrated Kid slowly gets to his feet, he tries to pick up Drake but he's able to capitalize with a pendulum backbreaker to Dat Kid! Drake spreads his arms out and yells out it's over! Drake is laying in wait for Kid to get to his feet, and right when he puts Dat Kid in the powerbomb position a chorus of weird, warped voices begin to play throughout the arena and the lights begin to transition between normal and blood red in sync with the chorus. A vignette of blood dripping is playing on the titantron as Drake looks on, and right as electric static kicks in Kid is able to capitalize with an unseen chairshot followed by a roll through on Wolfe. The referee begins to count: ...1!...2!.. Kick out! Everyone thought that was it, the crowd was even counting with the ref! Dat Kid picks up Drake and yells "Just die, Suicide!" He sets up Wolfe with Jesus Wept, but right when Kid hits the ropes Drake meets him with a high knee right to the temple! Drake holds Kid by the neck, moves to the center of the ring, puts Dat Kid in the powerbomb position, lifts him up, and connects with the Powerbomb Lungblower(yet to figure out a name for it)! He hooks Kid's legs and goes for the pin. The referee begins to count: ...1!...2!... 3!! Drake did it, he beat Dat Kid!! The bell rings, and the ring announcer says "And your winner... Drake Wolfe!" Drake's theme begins to play and the ref holds his hand high in the air. Kid is seen making his way to his feet and Drake seems as if he's going to finish him off, but instead he meets Kid eye to eye and extends his hand. Nothing happens for a couple of moments and the arena falls in silence, Drake's theme even coming to a stop. Kid looks down and shakes Drake's hand, the crowd gives off a mixed reaction and Drake's theme resumes playing.

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  13. As Dat Kid and Drake Wolfe are shaking hands, a familiar theme plays throughout the arena.

    Christian emerges through the curtains wearing a suit with his World Heavyweight Championship around his waist and stares onto Drake and Dat Kid in the ring. Christian starts applauding the match while he stays on stage. Christian re-positions his World Heavyweight Championship onto his shoulder and adjusts it before averting his attention back onto Dat Kid. He takes out a microphone from his back pocket and slowly proceeds to walk down the ramp.

    Christian: That was some match you had there, Kid. Almost feels like I've been watching this match for weeks rather than 15 minutes, but that's not why I'm out here.

    You see, even though you had a hard fought battle with Drake, congratulations by the way, Drake...
    It seems you couldn't pull in a victory against him. I want you to just take a moment and think...
    Drake has been waiting to unload all that potential, hatred and hurt onto you for nearly two years. TWO YEARS?!
    And all that potential, hatred and hurt got him here. Pinning you right down the mat, ONE, TWO, THREE!
    Unlike Drake, all the potential, hatred and thoughts I've been containing inside of me, has been for nearly three years.
    You might have experienced a loss here tonight. But you will experience HELL come this Monday on PPV!

    Christian reaches 10 meters from the ring as Kid urges him to step into the ring.

    Christian: You want me to get in the ring? YOU WANT ME TO GET IN THE RING?!

    Christian drops his World Heavyweight Championship and takes off his blazer.


    Drake leaves the ring towards the announcer booth and just waits to see what transpires. Christian goes by the ring apron and quickly retaliates and steps back staring at Dat Kid.

    Christian: I will get in the ring... this Monday at Uprising! But just know... hell won't begin this Monday... it's going to start NOW!

    Christian smirks, gives a nod and Dat Kid looks confused. Kid turns around and Drake hits a chairshot on Kid's head. Drake looks down on a laid out Dat Kid. Christian picks up his World Heavyweight Championship and slides into the ring. Drake and Christian stare at each other before Drake heads over to the back. Christian turns Kid over and places his knee onto Dat Kid's back. He uses the World Heavyweight Champion and puts it around Kid and attempts to choke him out with it. After a good 45 seconds, he releases him and shoves his head onto the mat.

    Christian grabs the chair that Drake had and sets it over Dat Kid's laid out body. Christian sits on the chair and stares into the crowd as his theme plays throughout the arena.

  14. Early MOTYC candidate in my opinion. Interesting post-match too.