Dat Kid vs Senhor Perfect (VOTING)

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    Dat Kid : Enough of this nonsense! For far too long you have been ducking me Senhor and I am outright outraged that I have to constantly wait for singles matches with people like you. We're going to have this match and we are going to have it right now.

    You want to know what I don't like about you Senhor, you're a coward. It took me being spontaneously put in a match as a surprise for me to get a match with you, just to see the sort of bullshit politicking that goes around here to keep people like me away from you. I beat you at Wrestlemania...and no matter how you put it...I..beat..you. The question no longer needs to be answered. On April 7th 2013, Dat Kid would have walked away the WWE champion. You can say that it was a tag team and your partner failed, but lets face it. For a large portion of that match it was you and me, back in forth, making history...and you failed.

    Hell that night was full of failures for you. For a man who's entire career has been laced in gold, you only came out with 1 of the 4 championships you had and that was only because your opponent didn't show. Perfect from the beginning I knew that you were just plain lucky and when it comes to the big ones, you just can't do it. Come Extreme Rules you will lose the last thing you have left. *points to your IC title*

    Beginners Luck: the initial good fortune or success commonly supposed to a person who has recently taken up a new pursuit, as a sport or game. See Senhor Perfect's career.

    Senhor Perfect : I never ducked you, I just didn't want to waste my time on the current version of Barry Horowitz. Your history of losing is the longest running joke in IWT. As for the tag title match, it was basically a handicapped match as my partner was sleeping in the corner. As for your titles you had to beg and weasel your way into both of those matches.

    The only coward here is you by the way. "WAHHHH I'm such a huge loser that I'm going to retire because I suck, I'm taking my ball and going home, I lost my smile, my anus is too loose" You ran away like a baby, then came crawling back when you saw a way to get a title shot without earning it.

    I hear you always say that you have the most matches in IWT history and for some reason that deserves respect, and means you're worth something. That's like the equivalent of me saying that I've driven a car more than everyone else, so it doesn't matter that I crash my car and kill 10 people every time I'm on the road. Being bad at something and doing it over and over again doesn't mean you're good at it.

    We all know the real reason you're challenging me. You're still butt hurt that I left you.

    You used to have an eye for talent, when I first came in you scooped my up into the Wolfpac on my third day. That was the last great decision you've ever made. You became complacent and weak, relying on me to keep things in order whilst you were out shooting your "artistic" films. While you were gone I made sure DX was one of the top groups. We were a dominant stable, we had almost all of the gold in the IWT, things were going great. Then you let the success get to your head.

    You started to let in every Tom, Dick, and Harry into DX and expected them to hit quotas like some sort of meter maid. That was it for Danny, one of the best in the world. What happened next though is what really took you to the brink. I was approached by the greatest group of talent ever assembled, The Kliq! An offer I couldn't refuse.

    Once that happened you completely lost it, renaming the group and letting in everyone who asked. You just don't have it anymore Kid. You're still obsessed with me, the one that got away. I was the apple of your eye, your proudest achievement, and I stabbed you in the back, and kicked dust in your eye. It still burns you to your very core. You may try and spew venom at me, but deep inside you're still crying, wishing I'd come back to you, but just like your chances to win this match, it's just a pipe dream.

    Dat Kid : All I hear is an old man who thinks I have some sort of an obsession with him. Yeah I bet that's what you would like to think you sick freak. Why don't you get back in your unregistered mini van and shave that amber alert mustache off your face before I slap it off.

    See what I can't seem to understand is why you insist in bringing groups in this match. Do you see anybody else in this fucking ring? You better look at me when I'm talking to you and focus on the man that stands before you. I'm not here to talk about The Klit, no no no, this is about you and me right now. You see Perfect, I wanted this match because there are some rumors that need to be downplayed right now, because you're spreading lies to these people. As much as you think I was "relying" on you, I wasn't. I mean what did you do for me really. I was already established. You may try to make yourself out to be this amazing competitor, but the reality of it is, when you were under my wing, you were a pawn, a scab, a scapegoat. Ready to be sacrificed at a moments notice and easily replaced just as quick. Haven't you wondered why I never messaged you asking you to come back to my group? I mean is I was "relying" on you soooooo much like you said I was, wouldn't it be common sense for me to get you back? ....

    Well the facts stand as this, I have not sent one message to you asking for you to come back because I wasn't relying on you. You didn't build my legacy I did. From the moment I walked into this place, heads were turning so fast that necks got broken. The people here freeze at the sound of my footsteps because every single thing I do here is just that damn good. While all you managed to do is become what you truly are...Lacky 2.0. You're the one that turned your back on your friends and we're not the ones that got to live with the guilt, that's on your ass.

    Senhor Perfect : Why would I feel guilty? You lost almost everyone due to your inability to be a leader, Danny, deth, me, and even the one you drool over more than Crayo: KL23; dropped you like a bad habit. You have no place at the top of the IWT, you don't even have a place in the mid card. You're an enhancement talent. You exist only to make the rest of us look better, and you've done a damn fine job of it.

    You and Aids have been around and thus you both claim to be more "established". All that means to me is that you both have had more time to shake hands and kiss babies to try and hide your MASSIVE flaws. More so you than him. You won the US title against gohan, and the tag titles in a handicapped match because of Vic Parker. You're worthless on your own against a real competitor.

    You can sit there and try and be intimidating, talking about slapping me. Have some respect for someone who's better than you in every way possible. I should step on an insignificant creature like you. You're the epytome of the Napolean complex. A tiny man with a big mouth, who's trying to dominate because he feels insecure about himself. So take back your bravado, pull back your failed attempts at intimidation and listen closley:

    *whispers in Kid's ear*
    You can't beat me
    You aren't in my league Kid
    Put away that quivering lip, and get out of my ring.

    *Continues below in first reply*
  2. Dat Kid : *backs away from Senhor*

    Yeah I've lost a lot and will admit that, there' no denying. I have made others look good in the expense of myself, maybe it's what I do best, but you know what. I'm tired...I'm just tired. I'm tired of taking the back seat to people like Gohan, Aids, and yourself. I have been in the business for way too long. I deserve my just desserts. I have yet to get one singles world title match despite being the guy who essentially makes everyone else look "good". When is it going to be my turn to get my shot?! I didn't come here to get you back into the WWE title picutre and make you look established as you go into Extreme Rules. I came here to bury you Senhor, that's why I asked for this match. It's time for you to make ME look good. I'm not going to sit in the back and watch other people hold the title that has eluded my grasp for a near 5 months. If you stand in my way Senhor you will be struck down.

    I'm not here to lead anyone. My IWT career is my own journey and no one controls it but me, so you can shackle yourself up to being a part of something, but I am not defined by a group. I am defined by the fact that every time you knock me down I am back in this ring the very next week saying "Please sir may I have another!" I don't give a damn if I have to lose 50 times, the belt that you used to hold belongs to me! Not Aids! Not Gohan! Not Seabs! and it never has and never will belong to you, the false champion!

    So excuse me if it may seem like my lip is quivering, I just have a hard time controlling my facial muscles because it's been beaten so many god damn times. Please sir may I have another!

    Senhor Perfect : I'm glad to hand you another loss Kid.

    Your turn to get a world title shot will be when you earn one! How about a couple of singles wins in a row? How about not being the laughing stock of the IWT? How about not latching on to a young star like Parker and trying to ride her like Seabiscuit to the top? How about you man the fuck up?!?

    Coming back for more punishment doesn't make you brave or noble. It makes you pathetic and weak! You are still a boy, perhaps once you become a man you'll find what it takes to be a winner. You know what consumes me Kid? Losing to someone I deserved to beat. Everyone knows I should have retained my title at WrestleMania, but it slipped out of my hands. It's been driving me insane! Can you honestly say that in all of the losses you've accumulated that you deserved to win?

    My belt belongs to me! Aids is a place holder, you are a warm up. I have to put you in your place before Extreme Rules where I take my rightful spot at the top of the IWT.

    So I thank you Kid, once again your appearance in a match has allowed your opponent to shine. You were better off as the IWT announcer, at least then you were somewhat entertaining.
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  4. Wow seriously?
  5. Off Kayfabe: I see a tie?
  6. I guess I'm really unliked. No way I should've lost this one.
  8. Who won?

    Dat Kid
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    Senhor Perfect
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    What a pitiful attempt, Senhor. You better hope you have better luck when you face the great, Aids the Jock. for the IWT Title
  9. Some of your best work so far
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  10. The better IWT member won. Perfect adds another hash on his record.
  11. Once again Aids acknowledges he LOVES the BBC!
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  12. Once again Perfect tries to use humor to shadow the fact his biggest moment of his career came vs Frank the Jock.
  13. Damn straight! Wouldn't have it any other way! :smooches:
  14. Congratulations to both wrestlers. Dat Kid, this win of yours was a long one overdue, I hope you have many more to come. Perfect, don't let this one loss bring you to the path of negativity, just remember that practice makes perfect.
  15. I won via roll up
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    because Senhor Perfect had the better promos in my opinion, by a mile at least
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