Storyline Dat Kid was given Joey Bryant's paycheck for this segment

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  1. Dat Kid stands over by catering, he flips touches the chicken with tongs and looks disgusted at it. Kid slowly shoves the whole tray over the edge of the table. Jonathan has a heart attack.
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  2. *Drake approaches the catering table just as Jonathan is having a coronary, he stands next to Dat Kid and watches as Jonathan is being taken away.*
    Hey Kid, go ahead and pass me the pepper.
  3. Dat Kid looks over at Drake, there's a brief stare down, then Dat Kid slides the pepper over to Drake.

    No problem.
  4. *Trip in the Head walks by and silently crop dusts everyone at the table while their mouths are open. He stops and shakes out whats left as he squats over Jonathon's face*

    Bon appetite, fucker
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  5. *Drake takes the pepper and pours it on what's on his plate before passing it back to Kid. Wolfe goes to take a bite of his food, but decides to dump it on the knocked over chicken.*
    Goddamn, would it kill them to put out something actually appetizing? I'd rather take a couple years off of my life and go to McDonald's rather than indulging in anything here.
  6. Dat Kid shrugs.

    Granted you'd be spending those years in the tag team division, so it's kind of a lose lose situation for you isn't it.

    Kid laughs and slaps Drake on his arm.

    I'm just joking
  7. Fucking hilarious

    *Drake playfully shoves Kid back*

    Those days are long gone though, and speaking of long gone. You're leaving after 'Mania aren't you? It's a shame, I'd suggest that we get the band back together for old times sake but that didn't end so well last time.
  8. Yeah, what ever happened to the old crew. I swear there was like a 3rd person, was it Joseph or Johnny, something like that. It's a shame you dropped the ball on the old title match. The group could've had a longer run.'

    Kid shoves Shadow back lightly
  9. Maybe so, but we'll never know now. That guy left before his title match even went underway, we haven't seen him since. It's a shame though, I think that we could've bounced back just fine had you not jumped the gun.

    *Drake shoves Kid just a little too hard and Kid falls on the ground.*
  10. The staff and crew move away from the area. Dat Kid looks up at Shadow, he gets up, dusts off his pants, and starts to walk past Drake.

    Because you've done a great job bouncing back as a former main eventer.

    Kid slaps Drake with the back of his hand.

    C'mon Drake! Bounce back!
  11. *Drake grabs the back of Kid's head.*

    Your time is up Kid, you know it and I know it! But my time, my time has just begun.

    *Drake tosses Kid over the banquet table.*

    I know that's not all you got Kid, show me what you're really made of!
  12. The banquet table rises up as Kid lifts it, then runs at Drake, pinning him against the wall. He proceeds to headbutt Drake until it takes effect on himself. Security rounds the corner.
  13. *Drake manages to push off the table as Kid grows dazed, the two don't do anything for a couple of moments trying to regain their composure. Kid goes throw a right but Drake ducks, thrusts Kid in the stomach with his shoulder and runs him into a stack of crates nearby. Both now down begin to lay each other with blows as the security circles them. They try to separate them both but they fight the guards off and go back to each other, both connecting with numerous punches.*

  14. Teddy Long playing his own theme music on a small radio enters the area

    Now hold on a minute playas. As the NEW acting general manager of IWT as of five minutes ago, my first order of business is to put you you two...IN A TAG TEAM MATCH!

    Teddy looks around and counts on his fingers to two.

    Oh wait my bad! There's only two of you, so then you'll both go one on one wit da undertaker!

    Teddy counts on his fingers again

    God dammit, you two will go one on one a...

    Teddy'e eye twitches, veins pop out of his head, and he begins to foam from the mouth. match!

    Teddy Long has a heart attack.

    Dat Kid: What's that the 6th general manger IWT's had? Looking forward to giving you that reminder of what life was like when your matches mattered...Suicide.

    Dat Kid remains calm, holding his hands up, security lets go and Kid calmly walks away while security continues to hold Drake.
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