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  1. Somewhere in the middle of the Raw after mania

    *Dat Kid makes his entrance holding one half of the tag team championships on his shoulder, then dragging the United States Championship which is now battered with dents and scratches*

    ..so uh...I guess I'm not retired :dawg:
    You know after my 7th loss here I really thought it was time for me to quit my in ring career, but I guess I was wrong since I had one more match in me..then another one after that. Now the man with the notorious losing streak now stands with two championships coming out of the biggest PPV of the year.

    Now comes the big choice. Last night I beat two World Champions with the help of Parker. Now I'm not sure if that means anything, but that's unheard of in the IWT as far as I know. So I don't think it's time for me to retire, but if I'm going to hold these belts, I'm going to make it THE belt to compete for just like I did with the European Championship.

    *holds up United States Championship* Look at this piece of shit. Britanica I have no idea why you had this made after Farooq left IWT for a brief period. This belt is not something I'm proud of and I made a promise last night that I would burn it...and I will...but the United States Championship will still exist..so without further ado I bring to you the new United States Championship!

    *championship drops from the rafters*
    Now this is a belt I can get behind. Now I am going to burn this belt...but not here. I'm not stupid. With this redneck town you guys will come after me faster than you would if Kanye West showed up at Taylor Swift Concert, fucking hicks. Take a good look at the old United States Championship because it will be the last time you see it.
  2. OH HELL NO! U do not have legit rights to have that as ur bell. MD own the rights to that logo! :pipebomb:
  3. Fair use, it's being parodied
  4. NO! U need writing ok from McDonald to use there name and logo. or WWEForums.net get sue by McDonald! And I am sore @Genesis would not like that.
  5. Wrong. I would only need permissinn fof profit
  6. @"Dat Kid" can use it. By your logic we need permission from WWE to use their belts. @Genesis is only sore, on his anus.
  7. @Genesis hates when you tag him here :haha:
  8. Don't tag me for no reason
  9. :ksi: different kind of tag, same results.
  10. Can I have a combo number 1 with a coke?
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  11. Get it yourself, you work at taco bell anyway :pipebomb:
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    sorry :upset:
  12. I like the new look for the belt. It's very appropriate.