Dat Kid's backstage Payback promo

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  1. *Dat Kid walks out of his locker room already in his ring gear with the WWE Championship around his shoulder*

    Interviewer: Kid do you-

    *Dat Kid snatches the mic away from the interviewer*
    I know why you're here. You want to ask me how I feel about my upcoming match. To be honest if you had told me months ago I was facing Victoria Parker and Rodrigo in the same match I would tell you I am at definite disadvantage, don't put your money on me because you'll end up with a skinny wallet. The two people that I seemingly CAN'T beat will be in the same ring with me in a triple threat match for the title I won no more than a month ago, the WWE Championship.

    However this is the same person that would have said I would never be WWE Champion in the first place, this is the same person who had more loses than the number of Aids Johnson's herpes sores, more loses than the amount of cats Britanica has, more loses than red lines on an essay typed by Gohan, more loses than the number of matches CM Punk has won by default, more loses than the number of mushrooms it took for Danielson to make himself think that he's Pocahontas. The point is that less than a few months ago I was at the bottom of the ladder, but I know more than any other superstar that it takes a relentless mindset to be what I am today.

    You can put me in the ring with anyone in the IWT and I will not be beaten. As long as I am on the top of my game, and believe you me I AM...on the top of my game...I will never be beaten again. So Victoria Parker and Rodrigo, you may have beaten me before, but you faced a man who is not like the man who you will be in the ring with tonight. So tonight, right here in Chicago, Illinois...it doesn't matter if your name is Victoria, Rodrigo, Rolando, Raymundo, Rodriguez, Rosario, or Raul. There is not a soul in the building that will take this WWE Championship away from me. Does that answer your question?

    Interviewer: No, actually I just wanted to know where catering was.

    ...down the hall to the second left. You'll see a fat scottish guy and his metrosexual friend standing by the table, can't miss it.