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    House Show at Madison Square Garden after the main event...

    Dat Kid comes out in his normal black hoody, not accompanied by The Datcolytes tonight.
    *The Crowd Boos*
    Dat Kid raises his World Heavyweight Championship
    *The boos get louder and it overpowers his theme in the jam packed MSG arena*

    Dat Kid steps into the ring.

    I couldn't let you guys go home without seeing the main event. Did you really think that that last match was it?

    Seriously, if there's an IWT show and I'm not the last to perform you all better beg for your money back because you just aren't seeing a show.

    Fuck You Dat Kid! *clap clap* *clap clap clap* Fuck You Dat Kid! *clap clap* *clap clap clap* Fuck You Dat Kid! *clap clap* *clap clap clap*

    I'm sorry what was that? I couldn't understand you over those terrible New York accents. I've visited children in 3rd world countries in our oversees tours that are more understandable than that mockery of a chant.

    Jersey sucks! Jersey Sucks! Jersey Sucks! Jersey Sucks!

    Dat Kid corpses.

    No....You suck. All of you in this arena suck because when this all over you're going to go back to your shitty lives in those shitty apartments, in the shitty parts of New York where you all live, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Harlem, Queens, THE REAL NEW YORK!

    When these lights go off Dat Kid doesn't stop being Dat Kid. When these lights go off, Dat Kid goes back to his suburban neighborhood in New Jersey!

    Shut the fuck up! *clap clap* *clap clap clap* Shut the fuck up! *clap clap* *clap clap clap* Shut the fuck up! *clap clap* *clap clap clap*

    Today we're here to celebrate the greatest holiday in the world: My birthday! Today we're going to celebrate the moment I became better than all of you, because I was better than you, the moment I was born!

    You know that moment where you think about your life before you go to sleep? During that moment, I want you to understand that whatever your plans are for the future, they will always be overshadowed by ME, whether or not it's you *Kid points to fan* or you *Kid points to another fan* or you *Kid points to someone in the nosebleeds* or Bruce Knight, or The Order, or even Aids Johnson!

    Dat Kid overshadows the world and you are all just doing THAT, living in my shadow.

    So I want all of you to sing happy birthday to me right now! Hit the music!

    Happy Birthday to me!
    Happy Birthday to me!

    Sing the song DAMMIT!

    *to the tune of happy birthday*
    Go back to Jersey!
    Go back to Jersey!
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  2. *As the crowd sing along the parody of the song, but suddenly a voice is heard that stands out. Once the crowd realize who it is, they pop like crazy and start chanting A-Li-AS! A-LI-AS! A-LI-AS!.*

    Woah woah woah, let's calm down a little now fellas. I genuinely find it disrespectful that you guys are chanting my name while in the presence of the ever so omnipotent self-proclaimed God, especially on his damn birthday! So simmer down a little for me guys.

    *The crowd still drag on the chants as Alias chuckles*

    Just kidding, fuck this guy.

    *Crowd chant "fuck this guy!" "fuck this guy!"*

    You gotta love this vociferous New York crowd. Which is why I want all of you to join in on a little birthday song I wrote up for Kid. Hell, you can even sing along too Kid.

    *Words show up on the titantron as happy birthday plays again*

    Dat Kid wants you to pray
    We all know he hates gays
    Alias is gonna fucking murder hiiiiiiiiiim
    And we'll all voice hooray

    Dat Kid is a target for KKK
    He sucks donkey dick in a chevrolet
    Extreme Rules that title's miiiiiiiiiiine
    Kid, this is your deserving doomsday

    *Crowd laugh and sing along*

    Not done yet crowd, not just yet. Thanks for your collaboration

    Nigga this is your birthday
    We know you celebrate it in the subway
    Extreme rules you're gonna dieeeeeeeeeee
    Hell, why don't I just finish you off todayyyyyyy

    *Alias goes face to face with Kid and smirks as the crowd laugh once again*
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  3. Dat Kid turns to the crowd

    SHUT UP!

    The arena fills with boos again.

    You don't seem to get it do you? I'm not facing you, and you can come out here, play all your little games Alias to try to get a match out of me, but it just ain't happening bud.

    Dat Kid pokes Alias in the chest

    Now get the hell out of my ring...
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  4. *Alias shakes his head and laughs*

    I perceive it differently, you see. This match is happening, not for my good, not for this crowd's good, but for your good. Because that'll mean your career will actually end on a high note, losing to none other than "The Past, The Present and The Future" of this company, Alias Antonio. Deep down, you wouldn't want to have it any other way. Deep down, you want to job and leave this company as soon as possible because deep down, you regret challenging Aids for Summerslam. You regret ever messing with me, you regret ever messing with this whole roster. Because you've got a target on your back Kid, and a "God" or whatever the fuck you claim to roleplay as nowadays can only live so long. I'm not playing little games, I never do that. I'm just awakening your conscience. Is it working? I'm not so sure yet. But am I facing Kid at Extreme Rules? Fuck....yes.

    Believe in that.

    *Alias pokes Dat Kid back*
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  5. Wrong yet again Alias. Here's what you don't seem to get, my career, it doesnt have an expiration date. You can look at everyone here in the business, Seabs, Senhor, & even FTJ. All dominant competitors, all in the game since day one, but the difference between me and them is:
    1. I could wipe the floor with their asses any day of the week
    2. I am still here

    and I'm not just some guy who's career is on life support like Aids and Farooq, I am the world heavyweight champion!

    Dat Kid holds up the world title.

    Fuck you Dat Kid! *clap clap* *clap clap clap* Fuck you Dat Kid! *clap clap* *clap clap clap* Fuck you Dat Kid! *clap clap* *clap clap clap*

    To put it quite simply, my career, it ends when I want it to end, not when some wannabe Joey Bryant tells me to end it.

    So I am once again declining your challenge for YOUR own good, because if you go up against me all of this...

    Dat Kid holds up the mic to the crowd



    Dat Kid pushes Alias hard.
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  6. It's funny, it really is. You claim that you could wipe the floor with those named wrestlers asses any day of the week. The nuisance in that, the thing that really gets to me, is that you can't even BEAT FT fucking J. You're lying to not only me and this crowd, but you're also lying to your pathetic little self. You won that title because you were the most motivated and driven athlete at that time, which wasn't hard considering the no-talents that were put in that match. They had people like JWAB take up spots instead of ME. They had people like that feeble little bitch Britanica and that crazy ass bitch Jennifer take up SPOTS INSTEAD OF THE MAN WHO RULED THE IWT......the man deserving to be IWT Champ and World Heavyweight Champ at the same time, because I'm JUST THAT DAMN GOOD. Granted IWT Management gave a shit about me back then, I would be in your position holding that title, perpetually reigning supreme over the whole IWT, and you would be nothing other than a Seabs, or a FTJ, or a Senhor. Your existence would have been deemed as just another flash in the pan in the IWT history books. I didn't get my chance to win the WHC back then, and if I did, maybe none of this bullshit at Mania would have happened. But now I have another chance, and this time, I will not flounder.

    And if it takes me to put my CAREER on the line for the sake of your stubborn ass to accept, then I will do so. Fuck Artist vs. Kid. Dat Kid vs. Alias Antonio - Title vs. Career. Extreme rules.

    You may not have an expiration date yet, but your best-before date commences right now.

    And don't you ever fucking push me again you goddamned idiot.

    *Alias pushes Kid back*
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  7. Dat Kid falls flat on his ass, but gets back up quickly.


    The crowd laughs.



    I've beaten FTJ before and I can do it again. It took a match with his rules and 3 corrupt judges and he STILL couldn't get the job done. However I will get the job done Alias. You want to blindly end yourself, so be it. I will assist you in this suicide. You think you would have learned from mania about putting everything on the line, how'd that work out for you? Alias, you are going to walk into to Extreme Rules with God, in a match that I made famous....extreme rules!

    I gave you a chance to walk away, but you had to be stubborn. Now, at Extreme Rules, you won't be walking at all!

    Dat Kid throws the mic at Alias as a diversion, so he can tackle Alias to the ground and he starts to flail punches at him.
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  8. *Alias attempts to fight back with left and rights of his own, which leads them to brawl to the outside*
  9. Chip: happy birthday to you
    You live in a zoo
    You're a monkey or sumthin'
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  10. Dat Kid gets off of Alias and quickly grabs a kendo stick from under the ring
  11. *Alias charges at Kid, unaware of the kendo stick*
  12. omg just like fuck off or something
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  13. Kid swings the kendo stick right across the legs of Alias, repeatedly hitting the knee as if he wanted to cripple Alias before Extreme Rules.
  14. *Alias sells the pain thoroughly, clutching his knee in agony*
  15. What happened Alias?! I thought you wanted to fight? That don't look like fighting to me! It looks like you're crying like a bitch!

    Dat Kid attacks Alias' knee again, the kendo stick starts to break apart. Kid tosses it to the side and goes under the ring. He pulls out a sledgehammer and starts walking to Alias. He lifts up the hammer, but referees and security intervene, pulling him away from Alias,

    Get your filthy hands off me, you damn dirty fools!

    Dat Kid breaks free of the officials, grabs hit belt, and starts to walk away.
  16. *Medics start to come down with a stretcher and begin putting him on it, but Alias refuses to and slowly approaches Kid on his knees*

    I......I dare you to hit me with that hammer, Do it, do it ou son of a bitch no good piece of motherfucking dog shit. DO IT!

    *Alias stares deeply into Kid's eyese as security closely looks on*