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  1. This is my 1000th post so I decided to dedicate it to the person who's my favorite member on here based on only being here for one month.

    I'll start by eliminating who it's not.

    Ariana Grande: You asked and it's not you. If I had to list my least fav members, you're on it.

    Crayo: You helped me out a lot when I first got here so you were in contention but me being in NWO squashes that completely. Plus soccer is a boring sport, just slightly above golf IMO.

    Hollywood's Dolph's Ziggler: We don't see eye to eye on many things and before joining NWO you were a pain in the ass :true: Don't take it personal.

    Lacky: Damn You Lacky! :aries:

    Neil Thorn: Aside from upgrading me to legend I don't remember many discussions with you. Thanks again for that though.

    Big Hoss Rambler: We're business partners now, so it'd be unfair to consider you.

    Stopspot: One of my fav Fed X writers, but that's the extent of it.

    CM Punk: Had some good discussions with you, but that alone won't make you my fav bud.

    Leo J: Same thing as CM Punk

    Jose Tortilla: you didn't make it because El Nino likes tacos better

    King Regality: considered too late, right after that kayfabe rivalry

    Vince McMahon (who changed his username to idk): The reason I signed up to the forums. Thanks for brining me here.

    Sheldor: Freaking awesome at what he does. Was in my top 3 choices.

    TheAidsJohnson: A close second because when everyone from the UK goes to sleep, you're still providing good discussions. Plus you were the main guy pushing for me to be in NWO even though I'm so new. Thanks again. You were a close second.

    So now that that's over with, my favorite member of the forums since I've been here is...

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    nWo Shawn Michaels a.k.a Farooq The Goat of WWEForums a.k.a The GOAT Derpy. The discussions and the jokes are good enough. Although it shadows in comparison to mine, you have a fro. That's good enough to make you my favorite member since I've been here. :obama:
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  2. I knew it. I'm a genius.

    Fantastic thread by the way. :otunga:
  3. Boo this man.
  4. YES! I'm not your favourite! What a relief!
  5. :boss1: Pssh please, better be your favorite.
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    :yes: :Yes: :yes: :yay: :win: YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES :YAY:
  6. I knew it, I was too good to be listed in this thread.
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    jk :finger:
  8. Who are you? & Xanth liked your post because he wasn't listed either. :haha:
  9. Lol Xanth is so irrelevant.
  10. I am god. :burns:
  11. He's a troll obviously :true:
  12. You're just mad that I got 1st 1st place instead of your lame 1st place. :smug1:
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  13. Funny because under your username it says "jabroni". :haha:
  14. :pipebomb: :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:ipebombe:
  15. Yes, that is by choice. :otunga:
  16. Usertitle.
    Don't be messin with Panda yo.:bury:
  17. :haha: Who is Panda? Some poser who comes onto a wrestling not knowing anything about wrestling just to troll. Bitch please, would rather have Kelly Kelly posting here.
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  18. Bitch please, I was here first.
  19. And you still don't post anything wrestling related :haha: congrats.
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  20. Agreed.
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