Dat Kid's Raw Recap 9/3/12

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dat Kid, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. Ok so contrary to what my signature says this one is two minutes longer than the usual. Tell me what you guys think.
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  2. CM punk is fucking garbage, that's what i think.
  3. didn't you just put up a status saying that your new gimmick is CM Johnson?
  4. It was a joke on myself, joking on me being overrated and appreciated by people i joke on for no reason. CM punk loses the titles and goes crazy like DB = happy aids. Until then, he is trash.
  5. Then who would you put in Punk's spot as WWE champ? just curious
  6. DB or DZ. Both > Cm punk. And i dont mean take it from him forever, but put him over Vs a heel who can win, and then make him go seriously crazy. CM punk with Heyman on his back to get him heel credit would be so much > than the bs we are stuck with now. THEN give it back to him, and give him at least 6 months of heel power. That is my opinion. I know, heel vs heel doesnt work in WWE world, but fuck that.
  7. :lol1:

    Awesome stuff man... I'm eagerly awaiting the next one, way moreso than Raw.
  8. Agreed with ziggler & bryan, but if the title's not on Punk they'll give it to Cena like always. I'd much rather see Punk than another Cena run. At this point I wouldn't even consider Punk to be a heel because he's moving more towards anti-hero. Anyways they should do heel vs heel, like you said, it'll work this time around.
  9. Thanks, but idk if I'll be able to make more. I'll try :yay:
  10. CM Punk is amazing atm, Aids is just expressing his weird views as normal.

    This video was fucking hilarious though man :emoji_slight_smile:
  11. more entertaining than RAW. nice editing btw, what do you use?
  12. Awesome recap.
  13. I use final cut pro x.
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