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  1. Dat Kid limps as fast as he can to the ring, looking over his shoulder. Kid quickly grabs a mic and pulls himself up to the apron to enter the ring.

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    Trip if you're going to beat me, you're going to do it in front of all these people because I've got something to say and I'm not dropping this mic until you bring your bitch ass to the ring and take it from me.

    This summer I imagined being in the ring with Alias and Joey, with their titles looming over their broken bodies as I held them up, but instead you've got me teaming with Alias Antonio, not because you hate Bryant, but because you want to remind me that I don't have that opportunity anymore.

    Then I realized something, whether you want to admit it or not, you need me here. When Alias and Joey are done with each other, who's left? Your Money in the Bank matches looked like X-Division matches I used to book hours before the card., you don't even have enough people for the Royal Rumble, Chris Kaizer will never be world champion, Alias can't be defeated, Victoria Parker is a closet lesbian and so is Harriet, We can't edit in cheers for Marcus Anthony much longer like you've been doing since he's returned, No one likes Aids, Senhor still thinks he's the IWT Champion, Frank The Jock is in fear of having the money in the lunchbox cashed in on him, Christian ran out of titles to award himself, Jwab is still Jwab, Davis is still black, Farooq isn't black, Shadowgoddess is pregnant with Incognegro's baby, the last time Geroge was mystical was when he jacked off to one of the Harry Potter movies, Britanica is too busy playing with her pussies as usual, Gav the Chav still doesn't know what punctuation is, Unknown is so buried that one mention of him have people begging for a Roadster, Suicide couldn't get a world title if it was in his sister's vagina, Spinzz has a small japanese penis, and to top it all off Jonathan is STILL fat.

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    To make a long story short, I don't know how to say this in a way that is any simpler than this:

    I am better than this entire roster.

    So I'm gonna squash the man who it took sudden death in a handicap match to beat me and I'm about to take second seat a man who took the title that I ALONE finally made relevant.

    The way I see it is this. At Uprising there are only two matches that I'm going to be booked in, otherwise I'll go down to thing with a chair and finish what I started months ago and break Alias' leg.

    1. You switch the roles and you put Joey Bryant and Alias against ME in a handicap match and I'll show you all just how pathetic this company has gotten.

    or option #2

    You bump up your life insurance policy and you go double or nothing with me ONE MORE TIME and this time I want you in a match that I have only been beaten in once. An Extreme Rules match!

    ...or you can go with Option #3 and fire me right here right now and then we can have a repeat of IWT September 2013.

    Jesus wept
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  2. FSW! FSW!
  3. Fire Him! Fire Him! Fire Him!
  4. He didn't name drop me - fire him!
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    *Trip appears suddenly on the titantron while the fans react to Dat Kid's statements*

    TRIP: Who are YOU to be making demands right now Dat Kid? It's pathetic. You agreed to the terms of our match at MITB, did you not? And you lost. Just barely, but you lost. And now, according to the terms we agreed upon, you're mine. For as long as I see fit. *Trip grins* What's the matter? You don't like belonging to me? It's true, I can be a little harsh on my toys, but boys will be boys, right Kid? But you know, I did say "as long as I see fit". Which means I could be persuaded to let you go - eventually. But this is definitely not the way to do it.

    *Trip sighs as if this is just an annoyance for him*

    Anyway, so now you've managed to sneak away, or should I say hobble, without me noticing, made your way to the ring and now you think you can make demands? And that demand is for me to put two guys who HATE each other right now together-on a team-and have them face this battered and bruised version of you? Don't make me laugh. Hell, the only reason you are in this match with Alias is because of that shit you two pulled at my house for the SummerSlam BBQ. Going through windows and who knows what else. Each one trying to get the other in trouble. Like you guys were five years old. Well, Alias is on my side now Dat Kid. And you. Belong. To me. Need I remind you again? *Trip grins once again* Now, remember that lesson in teamwork I mentioned at the BBQ? Well, that's the reason this match was made. You two will work well together or risk making the man you both loathe look that much better as IWT champion. Period.

    *Trip pauses and rubs his bearded chin*

    Although...*Trip appears to be thinking*......I tell you what Dat Kid. I'll make you a deal. You get those two soooooo pissed off at you that they can put their differences aside so they can both get their hands on you and they come to me demanding I make the match before the PPV- THEN I'll make the match you want. But good luck with that, since, ya know, Alias is the one that put Bryant in the hospital to begin with. Plus, you have about 3 days to do it before the X-Communication PPV kicks off.

    *Trip turns from the camera before turning back quickly with his index finger extended*

    Oh - and one more thing. I may be a little rough with my toys......*pause for effect*.......but I always pick them up when I am done. Boys.

    *A dozen large men emerge from the curtain and begin to walk down the ramp towards Dat Kid to retrieve Trip in the Head's property*

    OOC (open)
    @Niggaswag 2.0 - I couldn't let you just change my plans that easily now could I? I think I left this open ended enough for your creative ass to play off from. I mean what I said in the promo too. Get those guys to agree and I will do it, but give me some story or something behind it too. You know you want to.

    Also, in case everyone else is confused - since people were talking about renaming the Uprising show and its heavily X-Div based, I went with X-Communication. We threw some ideas around in staff but names for shows are tough sometimes. I hope you guys like it.

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  6. Dat Kid quickly rolls out of the ring and hopes the nearest barricade as best as he can. The large men start running down towards him. Kid pushes a fan out of his seat and grabs his chair. One of the security gets nailed in the head with it as they try to climb the barricade. The rest try to pick him up. Kid throws the chair at them and hobbles away in the thick of the crowd who were going for a bathroom break in anticipation for the next Roadster match
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