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  1. Artist walks out with his first IWT shirt, "Eat, Sleep, Job, Stop" he spits his gum out on the ramp and walks down to the ring walking to the beat of the song.

    Artist: I said during Mania that in due time i'll have Dat Kid in my palms. I said that he'll HAVE to accept my open claims about his mediocre thoughts. Yet i had no idea the man of 0 holds, the god of the Church, Dat Kid would challenge me to a match for his World Title! The Wiener Head Championship, until this June, the belt has it's rightful name while it lays upon Kid's shoulder. But that's not why i'm out here, i'm actually here to talk about Kid's hypocritical claims he sent to me via the mailbox a couple months ago. Where he states, and i quote. *He pulls out a folded paper from his jeans and starts to read it aloud* "You want to be in the main event, you want to be champion, you want to be noticed. But all you'll ever be, is a joke"

    What makes me cachinnate is the fact that not only did DAT KID make this statement, but DAT KID is the one who's idiotic reaction has led to me being NOTICED. This has also led me to THE MAIN EVENT OF UPRISING. Something, no one said was possible or was to far fetched for me, and when i walk into Uprising i won't be thinking about the guys who've mocked me like Aids, Kaizer, Alias or anyone else who doubted me because the only thing that will be on my mind is saving my career, proving EVERYONE wrong and capturing the World Heavyweight Championship. I know if Dat Kid walks out here he's gonna spew his regular shit like, "You actually think your gonna win" and other shit, oh yeah...Spoiler alert. The problem with that is i won't stop until i prove my doubters wrong. If i do hold up that belt at Uprising...I'll have only 3 words afterwards and for years to come when the subject of Old School Uprising comes up...I...Did..It! *The crowd starts cheering as Artist walks up the ramp and out of sight, as the cheers settle down*
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  2. Kaizer falls asleep at ringside.
  3. Dammit, who showed Kaizer another one of his promos?!
  4. OOC I'd love this match to happen without my name being mentioned. Do work, you and Dat From Jersey kid.
  5. Okay:

    Dat Kid your gonna lose to (_____) at Summer Slam. (_____) is the greatest ever. (_____) is the person who has defeated everyone. (____) is better than everyone.
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  6. #ReplaceWithBenoit
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  7. Impossible.