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    The lights dim purple as Dat Kid walks out past the curtains, with the crowd oddly still on his side. Kid actually high fives one on his way to the ring. Kid walks around the ring to the commentator's table and pushes them out of their seats.

    He throws both chairs into the ring and sets them up nicely centered in the ring.

    I didn't have time to get a nice big talk show set like the Christian, but he didn't have enough time to ever come back his World Heavyweight Championship so I guess it works out.
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    Anyway ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Dat Show From Jersey, the only IWT talk show that actually has someone that matters hosting it.

    Since I've returned, the locker room has been nothing but vocally disdainful about it and I'm never one to take insults lying down, so before I bring out my guests I have a few things to say.

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    Trip, the jealousy that seeped out of your words was pathetic and completely unprofessional for a man in your position, but I guess IWT is having tough times since our top stockholder Crayo ran away so they just let anyone run this place nowadays.

    You say these people eat up every word I say and I agree with you 100%, they're eating it up faster than FTJ ate out Britanica. Oh, by the way wasn't she like your wolf queen or some shit like that, waterer, she's all but dead to this company now.

    You want to know why these people hang on my every sentence, because they're just not words, they are prophecies and you of all people should know that. When I want something, I get it, period and history has proved that time and time again.

    You and everyone else in the back can look at me like an egotistical madman when I say I am taking both World Championships, just like you looked at me like a madman when I said I would make my proteges champions, or when I said I would beat 5 other top competitors for the WHC when I was at my weakest, or when I said I would beat George and then you can all look at me like dumbasses when I prove you wrong again.

    Truth is, I am going to face both champions at Summerslam and it doesn't matter if you give it to me or I have to weasel my way into it just like I always do, it will be done.

    Joey Bryant
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    Now Joey Bryant, I had a good laugh at what you said. You come out here crying like my ex-girlfriends
    Dat Kid turns to the camera
    Hi Victoria.

    You come out here crying like my ex-girlfriends about how hard it was soooooo hard for you to stand on your own, boo hoo. WAKE UP JOEY! You are the IWT Champion, the most prestigious title to hold in this business and whether you like it or not, I helped get you there, but that does not mean I'm going to hold your hand.

    When I first saw you, I saw a man who deserved to be champion, but was screwed out of that right because of backstage politics, that's why I took you under my wing! Because I knew that if I didn't help you, you would become the next Farooq. You would become the man who could, but never did.

    But I guess I should have let you rot away in the tag division with Frie and you could have had a forgettable feud with guys like The Dazzling Chavs and DA BEACON guys, because you became too dependent on me. That's why you lost to Bruce Knight at Wrestlemania, a man you can beat 7 days out of the week blindfolded, but you lost, humiliating not me, but yourself. It's why people don't take you seriously.

    You want to claim I'm not responsible for you, but you cry your eyes dry about how lost you were without me. How I never gave you a phone call, awwwwww. You're a champion and if you don't start acting like one, you won't be for long.

    Dat Kid clears his throat.

    Looks like I got carried away. Anyway, let's bring out my guest. Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring to you a man who does not expect to be called out for this, a man who is the face of the inescapable whirlpool that is our mid card division, the man who is responsible for the IWT Network, and the man who will come out here before I shove his teeth so far down his throat he'll be eating meals with his asshole, @Sycosis !
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  2. Artist walks out wearing a Harriet Vargas T-Shirt and his regular brown cargo shorts. He walks down mid way before spreading his arms wide, tilting his head back as purple pyro rains down from the ceiling. He nonchalantly enters the ring and has a look of surprise on his face before a ring side production worker gives him a mic.

    Artist: Prophecies? The only prophecy that will be complete is that someday when you don't bail, we'll have a match and i'll kick your ass which is something I've been itching to do for nearly 3 months now. In those 3 months you left and took your ball home when Alias beat your ass...TWICE. You come back like nothing happened and you challenge for the most prestigious titles in the company? You have obviously started to believe your lies, your cowardice and your ill-advised preaching to your "Church." So how about we quit the facts and let's get down to some harsh words because I have a lot of them.

    Artist runs his hand through his hair before getting closer to Kid as he continues his promo

    Artist: Two months ago on the first edition of The Art Show, you walked out and you challenged me to a match...which of course never happened because of TWO reason. 1, you lost the belt and 2, I was off on a vacation. Yet, when i come back i don't get shit on...i get welcomed back which is the opposite for your prestigious and Terry Funk branded return. I shit on you, Aids shit on you, Alias shit on you, Trip shit on you *Artist looks at Kid with no expression* Even Joey Bryant abandoned you. No one here wants you here...You lost your spark the other 10 times you left and came back acting like you own the Main Event scene. You don't and the harsh truth is that even though you were one of the first main eventers here, doesn't mean anything. Why? Because guys like FTJ were on the main events scene the same time. I laugh at your false demeanor towards others in this company...because it's just that...false.
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  3. Isn't it ironic how you want to talk about facts, but everything you've just said is nothing but unbacked idiotically conjecture. You want to list facts, I've got facts for you.

    Fact. Every time I come back to IWT I come back stronger. I don't try to hang on past glory like Seabs, Punk, Senhor, and FTJ. When I come back, I put new guys like you in there place.

    Fact. I do own the main event scene and I always have. If you want to get to the top of this company enemy or ally, you have to go through me and there isn't a single person who can say that they haven't.

    Fact. I don't give a damn about who does or doesn't want me here.

    Fact. It doesn't matter how many times you change your name or your "gimmick", your still the same overambitious pedestrian you were since you walked in those doors. You have begged people for matches, title shots, for interviews and that's the key difference between me and you, I don't beg, I demand.

    So ROADSTER, I am demanding that you have a match with me right now! I promised you a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship and I am a man of my word. You want the World Heavyweight Championship, it doesn't matter who the hell Trip puts you against for a number one contender's match, if you don't beat me you sure as hell can't beat Alias.

    End my career before it rises again or I will end you.

    Kid gets in Roadsters' face.
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  4. Artist: Cool story bro, i don't give a damn about your delusion that you are, were and always will be the greatest. You want a #1 Contenders match? Well...things have changed since you challenged me. You were the champion and you chose the stipulation right? Than i chose the stipulation this time...Your Career v My Title match.

    Artist sticks out his hand waiting for Kid to either agree or disagree.
  5. Idiot.

    Kid shakes the Artist's hand
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  6. OOC: we doin this at Uprising or what?
  7. How far away is that?
  8. 6 days...
  9. Alright, that works
  10. So winner goes onto face Alias later on? Works for me.
  11. Okaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy lol. I like the build though. Good shit. So noooooow we have some open spots........

    Oh what day guys?
  12. Anything for me @Dat Kid what for you?
  13. inb4 MEOnly
  14. You should let Alias main event, but i would like to be on first
  15. You just took his opponent lol. I got an idea. Waiting on a reply.....again
  16. No he didn't, winner of Dat Kid v Artist goes on to face Alias in the main event.
  17. That would ruin the perfect Alias vs Dat Kid vs Joey Bryant match at SS.
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  18. OIC, I thought the winner would face him at MITB. I thought I saw that somewhere? But I follow you now
  19. Maybe we can do that if Kid wants to, i really don't care what event it's at.
  20. Well make up your minds! lol

    I got bookings to do