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  1. *IWT Home Video Opening Signature*
    WARNING: This is not reflecting my true feelings on Dat Kid which has helped me extensively through out my 2 month tenure in IWT, this is NOT based on fact but what i find funny which, a white, rich and spoiled brat from jersey, this is purely for fun, Thank you.


    *Clips of Heavily edited Dat Kid matches are shown with 1990's rock music blaring in the background*

    *Title Card*

    Narrator: "Before @Dat Kid was Dat Kid, one of the most successful IWT Superstars of all time, he was Berry Wight. He big town boy with rich parents living in a gated community just outside of Not Covered In Spray Tan Park, in New Jersey. His mother a proud mother of 5 and passed away when Barry was 17 years old, she died after choking on 12 $100 bills. Though he faced tragedy he continued to go on, winning a local prize for Best Dressed and Worst Breath where he met Fisher Kowalski.

    Kowalski (2012): Oh! Barry! Barry was the worst thing i've ever seen compete but the constant $100 kept me training, and he did pretty we- *Fisher Has A Stroke*

    Narrator: "He was trained for 7 months and had his first match at a local JPW (Jobber Pro Wrestling) show."

    *Clip of his match shown in full*

    Brother: "I was there and i never understood what that square thing that was making a whole bunch of noise when i was taking a piss was."

    Narrator: "Dat Kid wrestled at JPW for 2 years when he was approached by IWT GM and Scout Shadow."

    Dat Kid: "I was offered money."

    Narrator: "Dat Kid was making Sting money, he debuted early in the company's start. Winning there title soon after."

    *His world title match in full*

    Narrator: "After winning he was met with Outsider money getting a guarantee contract as well granted to booking access joining there creative team."

    Friend: "Oh, Dat Kid was great he usually ended up drunk in my house so i fapped to his belt SOOO HARD."

    Narrator: "Dat Kid was met with many injuries even on having him give up his world title, he returned to the title scene at a February PPV called, Elimination Chamber. Beating 5 others in a 6-man free-for-all.

    *His EC Match in Full*

    Dad: "Oh i haven't spoken to my son in 15 years! He left after alleging sexual abuse or something, so i started drinking and that's when i met Aids, and started talking to my son again."

    Aids: *Sips Drink* "Wha?"

    Narrator: "Dat Kid's un-entertaining stories and promo's are almost as bad as this $49.95 video which racks in 1:00:00 of edited footage that would usually take 15:00 minutes. The IWT fans hate him but the world title scene can't let hi go. That's just because he bribes people to attack his opponents before hand, but he will forever be known as Dat...Kid."

    *Ending Credits*
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  3. I actually really dig this Roadster. Keep them coming.
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  5. Dat mut from Jersey
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  9. is there anything to burn? i did this to Aids, i even put a warning saying this was for fun. If Kid is actually angry then someone can take it down.
  10. The Letter was a
    [​IMG] because he called you a joke in a letter
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