News Dave Mirra Passes Away

Discussion in 'Sports' started by WarMachine, Feb 4, 2016.

  1. This is incredibly sad and came completely out of left field. He was the Tony Hawk of BMX. And besides Tony Hawk, Mirra was the biggest star in the X Games when he competed, having won a total of 24 medals, 14 of which are gold, and it is a record that still stands today. He has been posting lots of positive stuff on Instagram for the past couple days, thanking people in his life and reminiscing about the past. It now turns out that it was all led up to him taking his life today.

    If you are feeling depressed, please talk to someone. There is help out there. Talk to a friend, family, a stranger or a professional. But please, please reach out. Killing yourself when you have kids is not an acceptable choice. I won't say I can imagine how low someone must feel to make the decision to kill themselves, but as the father of two children myself there is no way I can condone his actions. When you have children, you owe it to them to keep fighting, even if you're miserable. You owe it to them to be miserable and keep trying. As badly as I feel for him, I feel 100 times worse for his kids because of him. That's a bad last look.
  2. Damn, that sucks. Depression is a huge problem right now. Seems like everyone and their mother is (borderline) suicidal nowadays. It's sad really.