News Davey Richards breaks his leg at a house show in PA

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    One-half of the TNA World Tag Team Champions, Davey Richards, suffered a broken leg at last night's TNA house show live event in Indiana, Pennsylvania. Richards was scheduled to wrestle in the main event of The Wolves vs. Team 3D for the World Tag Team Titles, but got injured early on, thus "The Monster" Abyss replacing him on the fly, and helping Eddie Edwards retain the tag titles.

    Richards was rushed to a local hospital and determined to have a broken fibula.

    There's no word yet on how long he will be out of action, but rumor has it anywhere from six weeks to 2 months.

    TNA's biggest show of the year Bound For Glory is on October 12th in Tokyo, so it should interesting to see if he can recover until then, where The Wolves are scheduled to have a major match.

    TNA's next TV tapings begin on September 16th in PA, so TNA has the entire month to examine the situation and their options.
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  2. Damn, that suuuucks. Hopefully he recovers quickly and fully.
  3. Hopefully he's back in time for BFG... injuries suck, they've already taken out Bryan and BNB after they held titles again. Damn it, these guys deserve so much more.
  4. This is EY vs. MVP all over again :emoji_confused:
  5. Hey, we got a great main event plus LASHLEY THE DESTROYER as champion having great matches every week (just like EY did actually, I'm happy with TNA's main event booking recently compared to the *shudder* Paper Champion days) so maybe, just maybe this will end up with something really good happening.
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  6. Agreed, it turned out f'n great. I like Lashley's work as the champion, it's been an awesome title reign thus far.

    However I just don't see this working out that great unless Davey recovers for BFG and wrestles.
  7. Yep, in fact, I'd say I prefer MVP acting as Lashley's mouthpiece while he's champion. Although I need to see MVP in the main event soon, he's too epic to not be there.

    Ehh, I agree. Hopefully he recovers, he's a tough guy and I'm sure with BFG in mid-October, I believe, he can at least come in and let Edwards do more work if he's not 100%. Maybe this could lead to Angle putting The Wolves in tryout matches to see if they can keep the titles for the match at BFG, and hey, I'd love to see Von-Erichs vs The Wolves. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: Could be fun.
  8. Resign BI and let them be the new heel that takes the wolves spot until his return. Imagine the 2nd week BI returns, they win the belts off the bromance, a month off for the wolves where BI talk shit and then The Wolves put over the bromance for 2 months without wins to end up with them facing BI for the tag belts. The mic time alone would be great, the storyline at least simple enough to work, and it gives DJ Z a clean break into the X-division which could use a face with a dank TNA story instead of a human being acting as the blowhorn.
  9. He'd make a great singles competitor for a purist like me.
    It couldn't last long and I'd have Roode win BFG
  10. Sucks to see Davey Richards hurt his leg like that. If he doesn't recover by then, they should have a back up plan to replace them. Haven't watched TNA in a bit, but I would agree to Bobby Roode, if he isn't doing anything.
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  12. Good news!


    Injury happened when Davey went for a baseball slide to the outside of the ring and his foot was caught in the mat. It's the same kind of freak accident that led to Rob Van Dam's broken ankle in ECW in 1999.

    Richards wrote on Twitter: "Thanks so much to everyone for the best wishes- truly amazing. I'll be ok- could always be worse!! I can't help but be thankful for the injury. It truly shows the greatness of the fans and the place I work for. Human compassion is amazing."

    4-6 weeks means he'll probably be ready for BFG, hell yeah
  13. Maybe Dixie tried to motivate him by saying, "Go break a leg out there, kid!" Davey, the warrior he is, took it literally.
  14. Richards noted on twitter that he is "3 weeks ahead of schedule" for his leg recovery, so it definitely looks like he'll be ready to wrestle at Bound For Gloy on October 12th.
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  15. :testify:
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  16. Wow, he must really not want to miss that day.
  17. It's official: Davey Richards will be back at BFG.

    TNA has announced twelve names thus far for BFG today, and Richards is one of them, along with Eddie Edwards.
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    LOL I'm just f***in with ya buddy
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