Davey Richards Confirmed For WWE?

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  1. At Preston City Wrestling's annual Halloween Fright Night Event after Davey Richards match Vs Dave Mastiff he delivered a promo hinting at a possible contract with WWE.​
  2. Any indie-fags want to give a brief summary of his strengths & weaknesses?
  3. Nothin is confirmed about him signing. He and Eddy took part in a try out and they are on a list of potential signings, but they won't sign anyone from that class until around January since they just went through a big signing booms. Thus why he said possibly, he cannot legally say if he is signed or not since he was asked to keep it down low in case he gets signed.

    As for strenght and weaknesses.

    Excellent technical wrestler, potentially better than Bryan .
    Stiff kicks, legit MMA and jiu-jitsu training.
    Incredibly funny and charismatic when he wants to be (see team-Statutory and sexy Davie )
    Not that bad on a mic, needs a lot of work but he can talk when he wants to.

    Introverted, likes to keep to himself which makes him come off as having a bad attitude and is also why he doesn't show his funny side all the time. He just wants to wrestle, not cut promos.
    Temper, strongarmed a promoter after getting shafted on bookings to get his money (big cause for his bad rep)
    No sells like no bodies business
    Has problems working short matches, something developmental could fix. But he prefers to wrestle long matches and they always go overkill.

    Would be best as a part of a tag team I think. Thus why he did the try out with his tag team partner Eddy Edwards, together they are the American Wolves.
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    Very nice post, Stop. Agree with all, but did not know he fucking strongarmed a promoter lol.
  5. He talks about it on the Steen vs Richards shoot (recommended shoot, really good, Steen gets a little too "Cornette is the devil" but a quality interview). Apparently he, O'Reilly and Tony Kocina (Davey's trainer) had drive about half way cross the US for a weekend. Tony got injured on night 1 and couldn't perform on night two, so the promoter tried to dock his pay despite them being promised guaranteed pay considering the distance. Davey marched in, demanded the money and then they left.
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  6. Lol, fucking Davey.
  7. TBF if I was put in the same situation I'd probably also chew out the promoter trying to screw me out of promised money.
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  8. Yeah, for sure, not doubting Davey at all.
  9. And on the subject of Davey in the WWE. Him being reprogrammed down in NXT could be great. Him learning how to wrestle a 5 minute match could make for great wrestling. Plus as I touched on earlier, make him a part of a tag team, preferably with a talker/personality so that they compliment each other and it also brings out Davey's personality (because he does have one)