Voting David The Giant vs Nick

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Who won?

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  1. David

  2. Nick

  1. David The GIANT to start. 2 promos each then 24 hours Nick1698 fuck bitches, get money and type promos.

  2. The arena goes to black abruptly. The titantron begins flashing and sharp, ear-piercing static goes out through the speakers. It stops to the sound of the violin. Images begin appearing on the titantron. Buildings being burned, explosions, mass chaos, all in slow motion. As the song progresses it speeds up to normal. It then goes blank again. At 1:30, it simply says Nick on the screen, flashing in black. At 1:54, he slowly walks out, his hood on his head. The arena stays black, and smoke rolls in as he makes his way down. He slides into the ring and grabs a mic. The lights return, and he stares into teh crowd.

    "How excited are you guys? I'm here! And I am facing none other than the X Division champion, David! A man, who once tried to partake in his own takeover of the IWT. There are many differences between myself and David that I don't have enough time to talk about. I will try to condense them as much as possible."

    "He walks around with his X-Division title all high and mighty. That title is his life. But really, the X Division doesn't mean anything, nor has it ever! Many of the IWT's so called "greats" have held it... and done absolutely nothing with it! It's a title, that can make the most awesome, awe-inspring wrestler into a boring machine. You are the piss breaks of the shows, you are the sleeping pills. It makes me laugh, honestly. Everyone wants this title but in reality this title gets you no where. Besides, when was the last time you defended that piece of trash? You haven't made any impact whatsoever since you won that title. No, scratch that. You never made an impact even before. You were just the right guy, at right place, at the right time. As your old friend CRAY0 Johnson would say you were irrelevant, and still are. You will always be irrelevant. How have your merch sales been? How have your match ratings been? Oh, that's right, I have seen you participate in about two matches. I forgot you even existed, because you were never cutting promos, being interviewed, or most importantly being in matches. You just sat on your lazy ass and watched as you were quickly forgotten."

    "David, while you were doing whatever it was you were doing, I was taking advantage of my opportunities. One all of those so called legends left, everybody cried and bitched, including you David. Me? I was the only one who saw it as an opportunity. I've gotten a reputation throughout my life as a guy who speaks out. And I did just that. I sat in this very ring, and explained to the entire world why things would only be getting better. I was riding the momentum from that night, working my way up the card, when the worst possible thing happened. Jonathan. The guy has to go and ruin everything! As much as I hated Kid he was better than Jonathan. Not by much, but he was better. At least he could run a company. The only good thing Kid did was sign me to a contract! I'm never gonna just sit around and do nothing. It's time for a change!"

    "The Alliance is here. I understand Adam sucks, and I also understand Joey isn't much either. I've said it out here and I'll say it right to their faces. But we're united for one cause. To make a new IWT. Where shitty GMs can't run rampant, and lousy champions like you won't be in this company. Things are changing around here. Wake up peopl!"
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  3. *David walks out to the ring with a new entrance theme and he gets a huge, he no longer has "The Cure" shirt, instead has "I'm a Jonathon kind of guy" shirt. He comes up the ramp looking at Nick with a disappointed look in his eyes, then grabs the mic."​
    "I seriously don't know what the fuck age you're living in Nick. You say the X-Division title means nothing and you also say I'm "Irrelevant". Last time I checked where were you? You won a few matches you lost a few matches and just because you said a few words that people liked you think you're big shit. The funny thing is that you spent half of your promo talking about how irrelevant I am, but I'm going to be honest, I seriously use to like you. I admired you quite a lot because you always said what you felt like saying. Recently it seems like you've hit rock bottom. You are one of the people in IWT that live under this illusion that you're better than them because you feel you're better than them. You feel like you're better than the IWT X-Division championship. For what reason? Because you think you are. What really have you done here? You won your first match I believe and you became a mega-hit. All of that quickly dropped away when you decided to team with Joey Bryant and Adam Aries or Adam Hawk, whatever the fuck his millionth new gimmick is.​
    *The Crowd starts chanting "NICK IS STUPID!"​
    "It's quite obvious the reason you align your self with them is because you know your career is already going down the drain. The difference between The Cure and The Alliance is that we were good. We picked IWT up and dropped it straight on its head, and I'm proud of it. On the other hand what do we have in "The Alliance"? We have someone no one cares about and I made a bitch out of in Adam Aries. Then you have The Cure reject Joey Bryant, who yeah, is actually doing something in this business but in the end it will amount to nothing. You all will amount to nothing because you're all zero's, and if you multiply 0 by 3, it will end up being 0. But Nick after I beat Forrest at Bound For Glory, we can face any time you want for this title you once called worthless, that you'll soon be begging for."​
    "Although, out of the goodness of my heart, I created a little shirt that would go well with all you Alliance members, I think this would be really add money to the IWT merchandise shop":​
    The Alliance (open)
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  5. "Hey, I've said what you just said before and I'll gladly say it again. My partners suck. They're awful. I'm not wih them to make myself look better. Sure, they're bad. But working together can only improve the efforts, and that's what I'm here for. I'm here to work towards the cause and make this plan work. Without me, they're nothing!"

    "And I will gladly take that strap right from you and toss it into the trash can where it belongs. After I pick up the tag titles, I'll take that X Division title and give it a purpose. It will be back on the map, a new look, a new feel, a new meaning. It won't be the filler segment piss break title. It will be the title you look forward to seeig defended. You will want to see me. This is where all the action is, my future X Division. So yes, whether it's you or Forrest, I will gladly take the belt from you an give it a reason to exist."

    "You also mentioned how I was a mega hit. Well news flash buddy. I still am. I'm what the fans pay to see. You're just the one that drives them away."

    The smarks start a Nick chant as he smiles cockily.
  6. "Either you're in some kind of mental state or you're just stupid. There's something very important you have to learn kid... That's to sometimes be able to get off your high horse. You're talking like you're a king when you're just a noble. Joey does suck, yeah, but you seriously think the man who's number 1 contender for the IWT world title is in a lower class than you who has lost 50% of his matches? I know that your lousy parents dropped you on your head a few times but things don't work that way bud. But don't worry, you're at least better than Adam Aries, doesn't really matter as you three are all almost equally irrelevant."

    "The part of your promo bullshit that really baffled me was you continually saying my X-Division is worthless yet you turn around and act like after you win the tag titles you'll actually mean something. You really don't mean anything Nick. I'm the one with the fat pay check while you're the one who hangs with guys that aren't even employed. You're not the person you use to be ever since you racked up those losses because you put your tail behind your legs and you joined some "alliance". I would really like to tell me what you gained out of joining "The Alliance". You didn't gain anything, you lost respect. You aren't the mega hit that Rusty Shackleford saw something in, you're the kid who was desperate enough to actually team with Adam Aries. It really makes me wonder what has happened to IWT, it suddenly got filled with plagues like you and it's a DAMN shame! But just like the Cure, every beginning has an ending. And the Alliance's ending will be very soon."

    *The crowd starts screaming and yelling in excitement."

    "I will take ALL of you out either sooner or later. You have my word."
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  7. Sorry guys.
  8. Voted for a Giant GOAT. Really good match team, time for everyone else to vote.
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  9. Good match Nick1698, you had nice promos! We may meet again.
  10. This isn't over yet! It has only begun! *dramatic scene end*
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