Storyline Day 3

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    "Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding." -Albert Einstein

  2. how many of these are there going to be
  3. This is getting me interested tbh.
  4. My old stunt double is returning from the dead. AHHHHH SHIT.
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    getting gay

    3 vignettes in the same week is getting bland. I think I did the same, and that's why I pulled the plug on it and returned faster.
  6. It's Just Kevin.

    He's making his return on the 30th of this month. According to his promo.
  7. 3 days? you know what else has 3? triangles. Take a look at this photo

    One direction confirmed
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  8. Not me... I'm actually delaying my return as real life has come calling as of late.. I'm way too busy to worry about IWT at the moment.
  9. I wish the messages were longer. I have no idea what's coming, no matter who this happens to be lol.
  10. Based God Darth cumin back to shit on his thrown. :tough:
  11. They're coming to have their way with you, the cryptic-ness is an attempt to seduce you. Hence why it's probably Aids.:stopspot:
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  12. No, Aids hates me :true:
  13. Sounds like a hippie...

    Must be a hippie.
  14. FTJ Confirmed!
  15. Could this be a signal that biased voting is ending!? Einstein was always my nigga.
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