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  1. *B.Dazzle makes his way down to the ring. He is wearing a gold chain around his neck with a pair of shades. He has a nice buttoned down shirt with some dark jeans. He has a backwards baseball cap on.*

    B.Dazzle: Let B.Dazzle tell you all something. You are witnessing the new B.Dazzle. A more flashy, cocky B.Dazzle. The most dazzling man in wrestling is here to show you one of his true talents. IWT, you better be ready. You better be ready for the bashing of a lifetime. This is basic Dazzle-Nomics!

    IWT, the best wrestling company in the world?
    I make IWT wrestlers look like bitches
    Making them scream like little girls.
    The champions here couldn't step up to B.Dazzle.
    He'd knock em down like a house made of bricks
    making them get on their knees
    And suck his dick.

    *The fans begin to boo.*

    The owner here
    couldn't book his own shit.
    coz hes an absolute tit
    Things around here have been dying before my very eyes
    it's because the owner in IWT can't stop trying to get pie
    This place used to be the top company in the world
    but Jonathan fucked it all up
    Which isn't a surprise.
    For over a year he was riding Dat Kids coattail.
    Kid left Jonathan alone
    with all the power in the world.
    Jonathan didn't use that power to make this company better
    instead he's been using it to get his dick wetter
    Now this place is going south
    coz he can't keep dat kids dick out of his mouth
    He should've stopped accusing Kid of sucking dick at this job
    because he's doing the same.

    *The crowd is mixed with laughter and boos.*

    The Dazzling Chavs
    the best team in IWT
    we got the hardest mother fucker around
    and the most dazzling man on t.v
    Gav and B.Dazzle
    the ass kicking machines.
    We're kicking wrestlers asses
    while women ride our trusty steads.

    The IWT tag team championships
    are locked into our sights
    we're going to take those titles
    without putting up a fight.
    Alias and Ben Dover
    have a target on their back.
    They got the best team in IWT hot on their trail
    The Dazzling Chavs about to take them down
    fists dropping on thier monkey asses like a storm of hail.
    We are the best team in IWT
    and you better not forget it
    or we'll find where you live
    and smack some sense in you pricks.

    *The fans continue to boo.*

    What you just witnessed was the B.Dazzle of new.
    IWT better get ready for me
    and what I'm about to do.
    The next face of IWT is here
    always live and ready.
    I've got this company firmly in my hands
    and I'm about to throw it heavy.
    Today is a new day
    Me and Gav ain't no comics.
    B.Dazzle just dropped a bomb on IWT
    with some basic Dazzle-Nomics.

    *B.Dazzle drops the mic and heads to the back.*
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  2. (gav the chav) brrrrrrap! brrrrrrap! Dazzle-nomics bitches
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  3. *Alias watched backstage confusingly and asks a random worker*
    Alias: So these are our opponents?

    Worker: Err, y-yes s-sir.

    *Alias pushes the worker away*

    Alias: Not bad, not bad. *Alias claps his hands several times before leaving the room*