Storyline Dazzler Has Crossed The Line

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  1. Unknown walks out with new gear, [​IMG], despite the new gear his face is still covered. the lights go out and smoke fills the arena, Unknown's jacket lights up as he walks down the ramp, he climbs into the ring and stands staring into the crowd, the lights go on and he shuts off his jacket

    In a matter of weeks my hatred for Dazzler has put me into a dark place I never knew existed, I have obviously cleaned myself up a bit but that doesn't take away the unseen mental scars he has implanted into me, something I thought only I could do to others and it has shown me that he has a subnormal power and it doesn't scare me but worries me that he can be changing the minds that I programmed and it worries me that in this day and age people are so easily taken upon that he could brainwash my army and use it against me and it really needs to end right now. Dazzler you may have that power but I have even more and you answer to me, just watch.

    The lights go out, the titantron turns on and writing comes on the screen "I have all the power", the lights go back on

    I have all the power Dazzler. you may have some but not all of it. For the last few months I have proven that to you time and time again and if you dont remember correctly it was me that pinned you for that title you loved so much, I eliminated you at the Rumble in your title rematch but you couldn't stop there, you had to come back for more and cost me my title and you have unleashed a wolf that has hidden in the shadows, there is a certain line you dont cross and you crossed it and thats where things become serious, I have gotten to the point Dazzler where I dont give a shit if I beat your team at Elimination Chamber, I dont care what you say, I dont care if I take those titles off you and Gav, I dont care how many times you attack me. I just want to END YOU and I cant just do that at Uprising, I cant do that in a dark match. I have to do it.....

    Unknown points to the Wrestlemania 2 Sign

    ON THE GRANDEST STAGE OF THEM ALL! The challenge is out Dazzler.

  2. This makes 0 sense. The Dazzlers are defending their titles at Mania, how do you plan on going 1v1?
  3. I have spoken to you about this before.
  4. You have? Honestly can't remember. Skype me or whatever.
  5. Chris Kaizer: Didn't he take off his mask already? Why is he still wearing it?
  6. I beat him so hard he thinks he's Jericho now
  7. Seen as you closed the PM I'll post it here.

    If you're SO SURE that you told me, SHOW ME THAT YOU TOLD ME.

    Stop ignoring it and show me. You're so confident that you have told me, so why can't you show me that you have?

    Mods I swear to god you delete this :tough:
  8. Go suck a dick Jonathan.
  9. Nice, you just reply with that instead of answering the question.
  10. I dont give a shit about your question you asshole.
  11. To tie into the mentioned PMs:

    What bullshit? The tag team tournament has been going on for equally as long and with a clear cut purpose. To give the tag champs a title match at mania.

    The "one match per ppv" is not because of you, it's to encourage realism in the product the IWT produces.

    And your "you are just refusing to change" argument is very hypocritical because you are acting just the same.

    We want to give everyone a shot at performing at mania, that includes you. But you have to understand that since Dazzle is holding a belt he is already booked. If he gives up his belt and screws over Gave then sure, have your match. But as long as he holds that belt going into mania you're gonna have to find someone else to tango with. This is nothing personal (at least not from my end, I don't give five flying fucks about your and Jono's relation/sexual tension), it's just business.
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