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  1. there comes a time when i leave

    at the may ppv i will leave iwt

    due to being hated , being annoyed and im busy with stuff

    i will pick my last match i will let you know soon

    I Got Beat by Ryan Davis
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  2. I Got Beat by Ryan Davis***
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  3. Thanks for the reminder.
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  4. You made the stipulation, you lost. Now you live up to it. Can't just change your name, when and how you want when Ryan Davis controls that feature.
  5. yeah i was to lazy the write it
  6. Obviously not, because you've been PMing me all morning and in the chat room.
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  7. look im retireing so there and to everyone else IM NOT THE GM IT TSAR
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  8. I like how you're holding this "I'm retiring" thing on me, like I made you do this.

    Also, knowing the track records of "retirements" in the IWT, you'll be back in 2 months time.
  9. no you didnt i like you it other people

    you helped me become who i am today

    im your friend and we will alway be friends
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  10. [​IMG] moments like these...
  11. i just messaged tsar about my challenger and i will tell if he says yes or no
  12. @Tumbas

    He wants a match with you. You down?
  13. Loser leaves IWT forever only. Dark match at this PPV or in a match at the next.
  14. Post Show good with you?
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  15. yeah good idea
  16. also tumbas no retarement i already leaveing
  17. then no match coward.