Deadly goal celebrations

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, May 31, 2012.

  1. :lol1:
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  2. I love Nani. Best celebrator in the world
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  3. Definitely liking that post. Your taste in football players is incredible considering you're an American.
  4. :yay:

    Also you're not allowed to diss America anymore when it comes to world football.. I have a quote that says you are a fan of the national team :obama:
  5. Lol fuck.

    You had to use Obama too, I hate that dick lmao.

    Can't help but love the national team. Howard, Friedal. Dempsey, Donnavon are all top non-cheating players in the PL, Bradley, Gomez and Johnson impressed me last night especially Bradley and Gomez. Your defence is typical American style "garbage" but hey nothing's perfect :)
  6. Yea we don't have much quality in the back line at all. Onyewu is useless unless he's in the box going for a header off of a set piece. Boca and Cherundolo are old and slow.

    The only young defender that I really have any hope for is Timothy Chandler who plays for Nuremberg, he's a pretty solid fullback. Him deciding to not play this summer is frightening, because a lot of people think he might jump ship and wind up playing for Germany. I would cry, we can't handle that shit again after Rossi crushed our hopes and dreams.
  7. Lmao at this one.. Liked.
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