Dean Ambrose - HEEL or FACE?

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  1. Dean Ambrose - HEEL or FACE? How do you prefer him?

    I, personally like him more as a HEEL. Yes, he's great as a FACE too, so over with the fans but just remember his heel mic work when he was in The Shield or in the independent circuits. Pure God.

    They should turn him HEEL again, since at the moment we have just 2 legit HEELS, Rollins and Lesnar, and he can easily become the third. There's Bray Wyatt there too.
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  2. I always thought he was a in-between sort of wrestler. So if i had to choose i'd rather him stay like that. One man army.
  3. Neither, just the lunatic fringe, he like has no side
  4. I think he's great both ways. To be honest, I think he could become the next big babyface if they were to go that way. But he's also a very good heel. Honestly I'm good with either
  5. I was thinking if anyone was going to turn Heel and turn on The Shield that it would have been Dean Ambrose. I think Dean Ambrose is great as a Face or a Heel. I like him no matter what so Face or Heel doesn't matter to me.
  6. Face, easily. More unique that way.
  7. No Faction, although pretty much everything he does will get him cheers from the audience.
  8. He's a great heel, for sure.

    But right now, he's doing one helluva job at being this sort of anti-authority/rebel character.

    Also, you mentioned Brock Lesnar and Bray Wyatt. Lesnar is supposed to be the heel and no matter what he does, pretty much like Ambrose, the people are always going to cheer him.

    Wyatt is more of an anti-hero than a heel.
  9. Just give him free reigns on the mic, and stop making him rely on weaponry so often and he'll soar either way.
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  10. Free reign? Not in the era of Vinnie Mac, bro. It's so much better to micromanage everything and make it look as robotic as possible.
  11. Whomever booked last week should just keep on trucking and we should be alright.
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  13. He's done well as a face though if he's just gonna job out to Bray and Seth he may as well go back heel

    I'd probably prefer him heel
  14. I like him as the crazy, badass anti-hero face who will take out everyone and anyone if it means he can get his hands on Rollins. The crowd likes him, he makes such a great face (while Rollins proved he's a great heel) and if WWE can pull their heads out of their asses, they can focus on building up several upper-midcarders. I kinda wish he'd get some attire similar to the old S.H.I.E.L.D outfit, it suits him a bit more than Reigns.
  15. He's pretty much always going to be incredible in my mind. He does everything so well.
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  16. Problem with Ambrose is his fanbase. A lot of big lasses like him, which ruins his cool factor, at the end of the day.

    Other than that, the lad is alright by me.
  17. I prefer face, but I see a heel turn coming soon. (he'll turn on Reigns)
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    I don't see it happening any time soon, imo.

    If they're planning on doing the former Shield feud, then Rollins is the heel, Reigns is the face and Ambrose is/stays a tweener.
  19. Tweener SCSA esque
  20. What's with the all caps on HEEEL and FAAACE? lol it reads like those words are being yelled.

    Anyway I prefer whatever he is at the moment. Ambrose is my favorite dude, I've followed him since he first joined FCW & his top feuds with Regal and Rollins. He's going to be around for a long time to come.

    That flying elbow of his is a motherfucker.