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  1. Spawn stands in the ring with a mic in hand and a frustrated face.

    [Spawn] Recently I was sent a letter from an anonymous sender. The letter was not of business or good wishes, instead this letter was personal. This letter had the most unusual sentence written on it, when I first read it is was clear to me that this letter was quite literally a message. I guess I will be the one with the guts to come out and and to invite whoever sent me this to walk out that curtain and to say what they felt they needed to say.

    My dear sender, I think you forget the roles we play. We step into this ring and we fight for the people. Do not be scared and come at me in the shadows. I would rather you come out here like a man and get in my face, and show me a real message!

    I don't think you know who I am, because otherwise you would have sent no letter. You would not have poked the bear. Whoever sent that letter, you should not of spoken up because I hear your voice loud and clear. You have been heard, and now you are my target.

    So how about it? Will the prankster pull yet another prank and run high and dry? Or will you surprise me and actually show me some balls by grabbing a mic and walking onto that stage?

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  2. Instead of getting the "mystery sender" right away, the arena screen turns on with the image showing the very letter that Spawn found not too long ago.

    "The Lord Detests lying lips...yet he found forgiveness in you. All while those who live as they are, become rejected in his kingdom. This needs to change." Those familiar words appear on the screen and it is clear that Spawn is in no mood to play games as he is about to storm out of the ring and head back to find whoever they may be. That is until something changes on the screen and letters are starting to burn into the paper. The flare takes shape and the letters are "I H" and the rest of the page catches fire and is reduced to ashes before the theme music of the sender begins to play.

    The now infamous theme song of Ivy Hale plays as the lights of the arena change again to the same red as before and soon enough, Ivy Hale herself enters the arena. The fans boo, but once again, this has no affect on Ivy. Wearing a long black dress, she almost skips across the stage and looks towards Spawn in the ring who now is just confused. She smiles and heads towards center stage where here theme music begins to fade away and she has a microphone in hand.

    "Oh my, you have it all wrong. That letter wasn't sent by a prankster, or any man and that person knows exactly who you are and what they're doing. If you haven't figured it out by now, I was the one who sent that letter. It wasn't for laughs, but that was the first warning shot, because over the past week after I ended the dreams of Reagan Cole and during the time I beat IWT's esteemed number one contender to the Universal Championship, I've already said that I have a special person in mind I need to face. I've gave clues, hints, and explanations for my motives. Sadly as someone as impatient as you are, you're incapable of piecing things together. I mean, if you had any patience I would have had time to send another letter, just to get inside your head even more and maybe give you more clues. Instead you are so rash and rush out here looking for answers before they come to you."

    She starts to walk towards the ring down the ramp, slowly taking her time.

    "I mean, I get how you have grown hungry, ambitious, in dire for a chance to redeem yourself and earn the respect of these pathetic people, but if you would have waited, answers would have came soon. But now you force my hand. Spawn, you at one time were seen as monster. Someone remorseless, unstoppable. But soon enough, that illusion was unmasked and I see you now scraping the bottom of the barrel for an opportunity to get in the spotlight. I mean, calling out "The Blackfire?" Really? But don't worry you have someone more than worthy as an opponent. But unfortunately for you, I plan on unmasking you yet again and making you pay for your misdeeds. You may still be a powerful person, but I'm unlike anyone you faced and our paths will be crossing very soon. The time...will come."

    Now at ringside, she lowers her mircrophone and smirks towards Spawn in the ring, daring him to respond.

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    Tried not to make it too long, plus I just did a lot of writing in a short while. The ball is in your court @Tumbas :)
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  3. Spawn stands in the ring still looking at Ivy with a slight grin on his face.

    [Spawn] Well Ms.Hale I can't say I was expecting you to walk out. I figured you were bigger than letters and clues. I took you to be vicious and audacious. I would of expected something better than a note coming from you. Ms.Hale I have seen you fight and you are good. You did destroy Reagan Cole and I saw it all. I was impressed, I was inspired. However clearly I imagined Ivy Hale to be better than she actually is. Maybe I judged you through a tv screen and not with my own two eyes, because the woman I see now isn't standing in the ring with me. She isn't asking for a match. She doesn't explain her reasons. Ms.Hale to me you just seem to have an unhealthy obsession with a dead man. You are searching deep for a monster that you do not wish to know. You are bringing back ghosts from the past that should certainly remained buried.

    You may not like to hear it, but the old me is gone. I hate to disappoint you but he doesn't exist anymore. You can send me all the little love letters you want because you can't bring him back Ms.Hale. It doesn't matter if you try to rip off my face, the only thing you will find is yet more disappointment. You can laugh at me calling out Blackfire but I don't care. As far as I am concerned I got to beat everyone to get what I want. That does include you Ms.Hale. So I am willing to give you the same offer I gave Blackfire. You can try to rip my mask off again at Anarchy if you want. I just feel I need to explain to you what will be going down.

    I will walk out through the curtain, climb the steps, wait for you in the ring, then I will do what I have always done. I will do the only thing I know how to do. I will give you a stiff beating and I will be the victor. I may know longer be the same man, but I can still kick some ass. I don't hit women and I do not condone violence towards them, so I leave the offer to you Ms.Hale. If you sign the contract for a match with me, know I will not hold back because you are a woman. I will come at you unbiased, the same as I will come at anyone else who wants to get in my way. You will be the first person to feel first hand how much this means to me. You might have followed me before, but don't judge me on the past. I have learnt from my errors and I have evolved into a superior competitor. You might of been fascinated by the mask, but if you accept the offer and stand in this ring with me, then you will realize that the mask didn't make me the monster I was. I have turned a new leaf, I have goals and things to fight for, but I am still wearing the same skin.

    If you want to see the real Spawn, I suggest you call a cab and get your tickets booked, because I will be at Anarchy and I will be waiting to show you what Spawn is truly about.
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  4. This show of courage from Spawn almost seems to impress Ivy Hale. She nods her head and walks towards the steps where she proceeds to go up them step by step, delivering a response.

    "Of course the Spawn of old is dead. Of course that mask didn't make you a monster. The was nothing more than a fake. I realized that when the "unstoppable monster" fell to Aids Johnson at IWTMania IV, when you allowed Michael to use you like a pawn, and lastly when you fell to Daniel Jacobs. Someone who was really a monster would have continued their path but no, you searched...for God."

    She stops, almost gagging at the mentioning at that. Keeping herself focused, she yells. "Well, news flash, God doesn't accept rejects in his kingdom! If you don't fit his mold from the very start there is no forgiveness. I learned this personally. For weeks, I've been trying to explain my journey to all of you miscreants so you can understand my mission and the reasoning behind what I do, yet my message is ignored. Instead it is focused on past IWT stars looking to redeem themselves, these dream chasers and of course, this comeback story of Spawn. Someone who lied to all these people, and gains respect, forgiveness, yet someone like the old me is herself and for their entire life gets laughed robbed...ousted...and when I seek forgiveness, am given none of it. That injustice stings and Spawn, I thought you could have been the beacon that changed all this but you broke a girl's heart! If you wanted my reasoning, an explanation, there it is. As clear as can be. I'm not trying to get the old Spawn back. He never existed..."

    She slowly walks across the apron and stands directly across from Spawn. Although Spawn is much larger than her, that doesn't seem to intimidate her at all. Her hair hangs in front of her face and she tries to speak softly, but tension is clear in her voice.

    "I'm punishing you for what you've done! For daring to lie, following a man who I despise, and joining all these sheep as another follower in society. Hell has no fury like a woman scorned, and one more thing." She runs her hand along the top rope and slowly paces the apron. "You criticize me for these "riddles and clues" but you have to remember, I do everything with reason. I attacked Reagan Cole right away with a reason, I also accepted Tyson Storm's challenge with a purpose. That letter was a test, and so were all the clues I left. And now that is done. Anarchy will come and we will have our war then. But I can tell you're itching to fight me. I know you wish to lay waste to me now and unleash that aggression and prove to all these people that you are a fighter. So maybe...we can do it now..."

    She starts to step into the ring and the fans, cheer at the prospect of seeing a fight. This seems a bit weird, as Ivy is clearly not dressed to compete but Spawn raises his fists just in case she is serious. She puts both her feet in the ring and before Spawn could even run at her, she rolls out of the ring, sparking boos from the crowd.

    "But as I said, I wanted to face you at Anarchy. To fight now wouldn't play into my plan. Hahaha!"

    She starts to walk towards the back as the fans boo her and Spawn shakes his head in the ring. She stops at the top of the stage and speaks once more into her microphone.

    "Dear Spawn, welcome to the game of Ivy Hale, Spawn. A game where monsters thrive and an Empress rules over to bend her will upon others. Just be careful, you're playing with fire. See you at Anarchy."

    She walks towards the back and leaves Spawn in the ring alone as the match is set. Ivy Hale vs Spawn at Anarchy in what will be a unique match. Mind vs strength, and darkness vs the light. The camera fades away, concluding the segment.
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