Storyline Debut of Vicka

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  1. Ladies and Gentleman, this is the main event of the evening ! Introducing the champion ...
    *Lights goes off* What has just happened here ? We should have a IWT X-Treme championship match and lights just went off ..
    *Then the music starts*

    *Guy called Vicka enters the arena*

    Who in the hell is this guy ? Is he responsible for what just happened ?
    Hah, if you could see how you looked like when the lights turned off ! Hah ! So I'll now waste time by talking some s**t around here let's go straight to the point . I'm the new guy here, I'm Vicka and I want to be champion ! No matter what I must go threw, I'll be the champion and I'll beat everyone in my way as I've beat those 2 guys, one of these are "champion" and another "#1 contender" , I'll show you what means that word Champion !
    *Lee attacks Vicka from the back*
    That will be lesson for Vicka !
    *Suddenly Vicka stands up and hits Lee his Finisher called BeeSlap*
    *Music starts*

    *Vicka leaves the ring proud of what he has done*
    *Crowd stays amazed of what has just happened*

    Have you seen this guy ? I've never seen performance like this before ! I think we will have a new champion soon !
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    *Real Lee appears*

    Lee: Come here you idiot!

    *Lee snaps Vicka's neck with a Styles Clash*

    *Lee gets in his jet and flies off to the nearest Costa cafe*
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  3. Later that night ..
    Oh no, it's Vicka again here ! And why the hell he takes a chair for ? We'll see soon !
    *Vicka went to backstage*
    *Boom ! He knocked out Lee with a chair .*

    If you want to fight me, fight me whenever you want but don't ever disturb me again !
    I think the rivalry is building up between these two gladiators ! What a ending of tonight's show !
  4. "Oh wait....another Lee imposter"
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  5. "Oh wait...Vicka's neck is snapped, so it can't be him who attacked imposter Lee v2.0 with the chair lmao"
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  6. Well, actually I've read those rules about 3 times before writing this article . What's wrong here ?

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  8. Plus, hitting your finisher and attacked Lee in your debut without contacting him wasn't a good idea.

    You should face someone like....Michael....Yeah!
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  9. Well, I didn't want to get in a championship match but he answered to my thread, so ..

    @Forrest So if I'd not hit the finisher, no one would know my finisher and I just selected someone from the roster who is well known because I just didn't want to do something like this : "Hello my friends I'm new wrestler here, goodbye." You know what I mean ?
  10. Yes but You could of done that in a Match Ending after your debut match....

    And He answered you're thread as a joke...Hence him paralysing you with a Styles Clash....
  11. Lel that's what most people do (but with more detail ofc course) lmao, nothing wrong with it.
  12. Whelp..... tried to be nice and help.
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  13. Ok, so if I mentioned Lee, that's only between us, if you think that I'm too bad for him or something like that, I know it because my english skills are medium and his is high . I just want to find some more activity right here so just don't complain about things like that.. It's only forum, guys .
  14. We're not complaining though, we're just trying to help you out here...

    You'd be better off facing off against other people before Lee, Try Michael or Reagan Cole to start out and just rise up the ranks with each win...
  15. Well, I'm not going to face Lee, I'm going to face something easier and just tried to do this more interesting, when attacking champion .
  16. Tips
    1. Don't use dark colours in your promos. Hard to see/read.
    2. Learn how IWT works. lol
  17. I'm trying . lol
  18. You can do that without decimating everyone.