Storyline Deception At It's Finest.

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  1. Entrance (open)

    The Lights shut down as fog begins to creep it's way through the rampway
    The Attedents begin to roar with a thunderous cheer awaiting for their prince to make his appearance.

    Aiden Ryan slowly walks out on the rampway as the fans roar even louder as they had before.
    Aiden slowly drops to his knee's and looks up as water begins to rain down upon the rampway.
    A loud scream breaks out of Aiden's mouth as he jumps to his feet in a perky manner.

    The Camera then switches to the commentators.

    "And there he is."

    "Yes, The Sick puppy making his way to the ring. I tell you what If I were a couple of years younger I would of got in that ring and beat the living snot out of that demented boy!"

    "J.R, I think you should calm down."

    "I will not! Listen to these fans, They are actually cheering this psychotic freak on! They have no remorse for anyone who gets slightly tortured by Aiden Ryan... Their Sick... All Sick!"

    Aiden Ryan is then shown in the ring walking over the ropes.

    "I'm sorry?" Aiden Laughs leaning on the ropes.

    "You heard me, You are one sick and twisted little man!" J.R Then stands up as Aiden sits on the middle rope.

    "You hear me!? You are one disrespectful little bastard!" J.R continuously yells as Aiden receives his microphone.

    Before Aiden can speak the audience erupts with chants.
    "Welcome Back!"
    "Welcome Back!"
    "Welcome Back!"

    Aiden kicks his right foot into the mat and laughs in a sadistic manner as the chants get louder through-out the arena.

    "Peasants, The one's who stand before me. You are all victims of what deception can bring upon your naive souls. You all chose to believe that I was that friendly, outgoing, lovable catch... But you were wrong, I manipulated your mind and made you see what was yet to be merely a fantasy and thus here we are... Here we are at the prime of my kingdom that is yet to brew into a glorious land, a sanctuary to where evil remains but heroism perishes within the depths of hell..."

    Aiden's eye's shift back and forth slowly as he bites his lip listening to the various chants thrown his way. Brushing his fingers through his hair he slowly walks around the ring absorbing all negative energy.

    "And whilst that kingdom builds itself, I will be going to battle for all of my adoring villagers. Come money in the bank I will prove that not only am I worthy of being your prince but I am worthy of being Mr Money In The Bank... How you ask? Well look at me. I am one of the most intriguing people you will ever meet. Some may call it over confident or self absorbed but with a click of a finger I have you all dropping your knee's in worship, envying me, desiring me, wanting to be everything that I am and that... screams potential"

    Aiden performs a european bow and drops the microphone by his feet.
    "Your Prince Has Spoken."
    "Only this and nothing more"

    He Mouths leaving the ring. ​
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  2. Artist walks out to the ramp just as Aiden leaves.

    Artist: Aiden....I think it's about time you had a good long battle with someone who can give it to you...I challenge you to a match.

    Artist waits for a response
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  3. Aiden walks up to Artist in a slow yet calm manner. With a smile drawn on his face he looks at the Artist who is yet to receive a response from Aiden

    He takes the microphone from artist and nods with a smile drawn upon his face he turns to the audience.

    "Do you peasants want to see Aiden Ryan Vs The Artist... Tonight!?"
    The Fans erupt with a positive cheer as Aiden's smile glows a little brighter.
    "You're on!"
    Aiden Whispers as he walks past Artist.
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  4. Should I make a match thread then?
  5. Yes please. That would be great.