Storyline "Dedication, Determination, And Heart.

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  1. Aiden Ryan is shown leaning up agasint a cement walling after a hard fought battle with Trevor Raynor, Icepack around the back of his neck, he tilts his head back with a smile as Renee Young kneels down next to Aiden Ryan who is oblivious of his surroundings. Looking next to him he see's Renee and gives her a wave.

    "Aiden Ryan, Firstly congratulations on such a well deserved victory. The match could of gone either way and I'm sure that you and Trevor have learned alot about eachother both inside the ring and out. Tell me what was it like going against someone who in many ways can replicate the same sort of passion that you have?"

    Running the icepack down the side of his neck, he places the icepack next to him and looks at Renee with an exhausted, yet ecstatic look upon his face. He runs his fingers through his hair and laughs slightly.

    "Terrifying. I don't know if anyone knows this, but I am extremely nervous whenever I go into a match. And it's something that I haven't grown out of. I have only competed in eleven matches here in IWT, and with each event I attend the nerves get worse and worse. However this has proven that I work the best under pressure. "

    "Do you have any words for Trevor? Because i am sure he is listening right now."

    He tilts his head to the side with a smile and nods, He respectfully holds Renee's hand which is holding the microphone and takes the microphone out of her hand. Looking at the camera he sighs.

    "Yes actually, I do. Trevor, I'm not exactly the nicest guy on the planet, and this may come off a little mushy and some what out of character but... Thank you. You were the first man in the X division to step up and give me the challenge that I've been awaiting for, for a very long time. We made history for the X division. And I wish you nothing but great things in the future of your career."

    He hands the microphone back to Renee as she looks at Aiden confusingly.

    "Will this be the last of Aiden Ryan Verses Trevor Raynor?"

    "It's confirmed that we are not going anywhere, so that in itself should answer that question for you."

    "And Finally... Aiden, How are you feeling right now?"

    "I feel on top of the world!"

    He slams his hand on the ground in excitement as Renee Laughs.
    "I've worked my ass off to get to where I am now, I am that shining example of what dedication, determination, and heart gets you. To prove that you are the best, to know you are the best. to be the best and to not let any fucker tell you that you are unstable, that you will mount to nothing. I have proven those people wrong, I have proven Reagan Cole Wrong, I've proven Michael Cole wrong, I've proven that I can stand on my two feet and be the best... Because I am the fucking best, I am Aiden Ryan and i am your future IWT X Division Champion!"

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