Def Jam: Fight for NY

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  1. Anyone else play this game? Without a doubt, one of my all time favorites. Played this a lot when I was younger. In fact, I'm getting a PS2 and this game in a few days.

    Rappers beating the fuck out of each other. HOW DOES THIS NOT RULE

    lol Snoop

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  2. I remember the ending involving a fire. Also pushing that guy in front of a train.
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  3. I remember playing this, it was one of my favorite fighting games. Def Jam: Icon was a let down in my opinion as I was really looking forward to it.
  4. Joe Budden in that game GOAT
  5. loved that shit lol
  6. Yeah that game was the shit! I think my wife even played it some. The sequel to it SUCKED though
  7. I think Fight for NY is the sequel

    this is the game I played/was thinking of
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  8. but yea, this game that dumbass @deth is talking about slurps serious dong. probably why he likes it so much :pity1:
  9. Wait how many are there? I see Vendetta, Fight for NY, and Icon mentioned. One of them sucked major ass and I think it was the newest one, Icon. Didn't even realize there were 3 I think.
  10. never heard of 'icon'

    I remember playing fight for ny 1 time and it sucked. the original was fly was fuck
  11. No it was Icon that sucked IMO, sorry. Fight for NY was close to the same as Vendetta except you could tailor your fighter more.
  12. Icon was the 360 version once 360 came out
  13. damn maybe I'm trippin then. idk. I just remember for sure I had the first one on Ps2 and played the fuck out of it
  14. First 2 were on ps2/xbox, then Icon was on next gen consoles at the time.
  15. Heres a good way to figure it out. Did the game you played have Danny Trejo in it? I mean, who can forget that Machete movie making mother fucka, right?
  16. Maybe you were right the first time. I enjoyed Fight for New York as it was very similar to Vendetta, but Icon sucked
  17. D'Z is just hating because I like it. #h8r
  18. What was your favorite fighting style combo? iirc you could pick 2?
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