Storyline Defeated...Broken...Humbled

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  1. Moments after Scott Fargo wins the IWT Universal Championship and Uprising goes off the air, Ryan Davis' music hits.

    He has a slight limp as he, Elizabeth and Jeff make their way down to the ring. Ryan begins to speak before the crowd can quiet down.

    Ryan: Man, Michael sure does have one hell of a Shining Wizard.

    Ryan holds his jaw for a moment before continuing.

    Ryan: Tonight has been one hell of a night for me. I lost. I did, I lost fair and square. I was defeated earlier tonight. I also made a mistake. Not just tonight, but since I got here. I was given a huge opportunity at IWTMania months ago to debut on the biggest show in its history against another debuting wrestler. But somehow, back then and up until earlier tonight, I saw that as an insult. I was insulted because I had to prove myself, that I belonged. In my mind I believed that everyone was against me since day 1, even Michael when in reality he gave me a match in the middle of the biggest show he's put on. I should've been grateful but I wasn't. I was too busy creating this war inside my head, a war where it was me vs. everyone else, but all people were doing was giving me a shot here. Nick tried to warn me about where I was headed when we had our match, but I did everything but spit in his face. Yeah, I got a win by defeating him, but when it was time for our rematch, this time a Universal Title opportunity was on the line, I was too busy buying into my own hype that I gave that up. I walked away from a fight, something I've never done before, but I did it because of my ego. It only continued when Michael challenged me to a match. I said that he needed this match and I didn't, but really I'm the one who needed it. Tonight I learned what respect is. Respect is what I feel towards Michael now after he gave me a hell of a fight and then beat me.

    A small part of the crowd begins to cheer for Ryan as he goes on.

    Ryan: I was wrong at how I looked at everything and that lead to the inevitable match I had tonight where I came into Uprising, a name that I think of rising stars such as myself winning and going on to big things, and lost. Michael was right by saying I'm wasting my potential by living in my own world, but that stops now. I'm not going to waste my potential any longer. I got my ass kicked and I'm going to stand up, dust myself off and keep fighting until I'm at the top of IWT, not because I believe I should be, but because I earned it.

    The crowd cheers Ryan as he begins to smile.

    Ryan: I'll see you folks at SummerSlam.

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  2. "HAHAHAHA My plan worked you are now streakless , not powerful and a loser time for you to face it you are no the best and why dont you prove it face me at summerslan and you will lose AGAIN"
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  3. Michael shows up on the titantron

    Michael: Disregard Blackfire. I admire your courage to admit our wrongdoing. I respect that, and I respect you.
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  4. "Ok then Michael if you hard enough why dont you face me before my break"