Del Rio & Ricardo Rodriguez Tag Team

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. They would be awesome as tag team partners. Would love to see their entrance together. :laugh:
  2. I guess Epico and Primo will be the faces since they're in Puerto Rico, I doubt it's anything more than putting two heels together. Although I would love to see them team.

    Put the belts on these two NEXT WEEK
  4. That tag-team could be so fucking epic. Ricardo can easily be used to turn ADR face too.
  5. So I guess Alberto might not be in the 12 man tag team match at WM?
  6. I don't think what they do at House Shows has much bearing on what happens in television storylines

    I still think ADR will be the 6th man
  7. This would be an epic tag team HELL YES!
  8. I swear I read or heard that ADR isn't going to be at WM :S.
  9. Makes sense. Nice work WWE

    Meh, who cares really though. That 6 man tag match will consist of 10 minutes of entrances and the match will just be a 6 or 8 minute clusterfuck that ends with everyone rushing into the ring and a circus of 10 consecutive finisher spots.
  10. I mark for finisher spots. But you're right.

    I think it was ADR himself who said he wouldn't be at WM but he could just be saying that to add to the element of surprise. I certainly wouldn't be surprised if he was there.
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