Dennis Brockman 12 man match

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  1. Announcer: "Ladies and Gentlemen, the following match is the Dennis Brockman Match where the winner will receive two victories."

    CrayJ Lee Rhodes Aids Johnson Based God Darth @Adam568CSRants @[email protected] Senhor Perfect Dat Kid Fluttershy Farooq

    Let the match commence. Good Luck to you all.
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    I'm here! Yes ladies and gentlemen my near career ending *motions quotes* "concussion" has not taken me down, in barely notice I even had one. I just would like to thank my oh so concerned boss, Dennis Brockman for ending the match, oh my god i thought I was going to die. He's my hero :yay: . C'mon guys lets all cheer for Dennis Brockman! Oh and he was so concerned for my health that he placed me in this small time match to make sure I'm fully recuperated from my "injury" that i totally had. I mean yeah I had a concussion, but whatever, a 12 man match won't possibly be to rough for a return match. Wow we got a lot of tough guys here in the ring, well good thing the winner of this match gets a title sho- huh? What's that? More than half the roster is in this match and it isn't a #1 contender's match? The winner gets two wins? Well I only have..*counts on his fingers* only zero wins! This a bunch of bullshit!

    Do you fat fucks in the crowd see what is going on here right now?! Two weeks ago Aids Johnson was booked in a match with THREE, not eleven, THREE people, and he was granted a title shot right off the back. By the way Aids, I may have loss, but you have never beaten me and that still remains the fact til today. You never pinned me, you never made me tap, you haven't beaten me by disqualification, hell you can't even get a count out on me! So the fact that I gotta walk around with two loses on my record because the people in this place are incompetent is a straight up disrespect to me! I am the number one contender! I am the only contender! Everyone that I'm looking at right now, the people you FNW retards cheer for, is as much of a inbred faggot as the rest of you, that's why you like them so much because you can relate. Oh what's the matter, did lil ol' me ruin yer RASSLIN show? You can all go home to your trailer parks and wrestle in the mud if you don't like what I have to say, but no, like the immovable wastes of space you are, you're going sit down and your going to listen to every word I have to say and trust me I got a lot of things I have to say.

    Let's start off with Carmen Stevenson, the woman who nearly beat Aids, that's right. A WOMAN,nearly beat the former number one contender! In our match I told you to get your ass back in the kitchen, but it seems like I should have been talking to Aids. You know since you whupped his ass, oh and he likes to think that pinning a woman is the same as pinning me. I have a question Carmen and I think you're the most qualified to answer this. Is Dennis Brockman's penis as small as everyone says it is? I mean how do you even manage to even suck on that small thing. That thing is like a crotch nipple. Crotch nipple is now trending world wide. I gotta give it up to you, for a cum gargling slut you sure can wrestle, hell you almost beat Aids, but that's not saying much is it?

    Oh here's another one. Jason Angel, the man who holds the record for getting pinned the quickest, it had to be like a ten second match, literally. Funny how this guy gave Messias a fight, but can't handle Chlamydia Clyde for not even a minute. This is just an example of the fine talent that FNW has lined up for everyone here tonight. This guy can face Messias, but for some reason I can't fight him? Messias stuck his nose in my match and cost me a win, but he can just get away scott free and face jobbers, while I'm relegated to get screwed in match that involve Aids, and then taken off this show for two weeks.

    *Dat Kid double takes at Jason Vorhees* Well look at this big motherfucker. I've been watching you, you Jack and the Beanstalk lookin' motherfucker. You think you can just short cut me and go straight to Messias! I don't care how big you are, I'll throw your oversized goofy ass over those ropes like it was nothing. The only person who's going to get his hands on Messias as me, not some retard who came from a mental asylum. Do you even understand what I'm saying? Caaaann youuu understaaand meee? Some one get the dumbass from The Green Mile a pop-up book, I think that's the only I can get a reaction out of him.

    You know what, I don't even need to mention the rest of you people because you don't even deserve my attention. You're all a bunch a fodder for the fat cow that is Messias. Messias I know you're backstage watching this match in Brockman's office, being that you two are life partners anyway. As you guys watch this and put Messias in a match against the first person to get thrown over the top rope, know this. Brockman and Messias, I don't give a shit about this company. I thought this was a place for the best professional wrestlers to exhibit their skills and fight! But all you do is a bunch of pussy ass nigga shit and find ways to screw over real niggas like me because you can't handle the fact that I can beat every single member of this roster and that's exactly what I'm going to do now! Then try and deny me a title shot then you fags! I saw you throw away my note Brockman, maybe I should have sent it to your email, [email protected]. Since words don't seem to get through to you, maybe action will. Keep a close eye on how I decimate the roster because payback is here!

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  3. Well fuck. Think Ive lost this one already but its always worth a try I guess.
  4. OOC: I will post my promo tomorrow. Kid, I enjoyed reading your promo so even if it's a long read, it was funny.
  5. Exactly what I expected from a feeble brain such as yours. Nothing but petty insults and harsh language that's supposed to show how "cool" or "tough" you are. Your comments towards me are laughable considering I have more intelligence in the waste from my rectum than you do in your entire body. I'm actually almost filled with excitement knowing that in a short time I'll be able to grab that poor excuse for a body you have and throw you into the upper deck of this arena. The best you can hope for at that point is another concussion, but the more likely scenario is that from this day forth you'll be known as Dat Kid in a wheel chair.

    As for the rest of you, I haven't forgotten that you're here. I'll make it my personal mission to re-arrange all of your faces before seeing if I can toss all of you into one pile in front of our announce team. I want them to be able to look at the pain and suffering in your eyes as close as possible. I want the camera operators to catch that as well, because I want Messias to see and hear what will soon happen to him when I finally get him trapped inside a ring with me.
  6. Well then i might as well step up and stop you before you have that chance. You are one monster of a man, but im well aware that even you can see I have what it takes to take down the toughest monster on our FNW roster. You may be impressive so far, but don't forget it took 3 opponents to wear me down enough for Messias to even have a fighting chance, and even then it took two pathetic moves to keep him out of the crossface. I can't wait to show the fans what it's like when a hero goes up against a giant.

    Dat kid you need to stop mentioning me so often, the fans are going to realize you dont hate me, no, i think someone has a crush on their hero. You want to say i didnt beat you because there was no pinfall or submission? Why would i need them when i knocked you the fuck out, in front of 10,000 witnesses. You were the last on the list, and Carmen might as well handed me to you on a silver platter, but you couldnt get the win. #3 of the battle royale, and you ended up out for 2 weeks from the ass whipping i gave you, and i have no problem continuing that mission tonight. I may have 5 more wins before i get my rematch with Messias, but im taking two of them home with me tonight. Oh, and this deal with you and me doesnt end here, i plan on showing the world what kind of coward you really are.

    Carmen, i think i feel the need to let you know im sorry i keep holding you back. Someday you will be a great contender, but today is just not your day. Tonight belongs to Aids Johnson. Colton, you have the chance to be something great, but it looks like i wont be bothering with you or the Spaniard, because all you two care about is defeating each other. Dat kid and I at least focus on what is important, and you need to get your minds right before you'll have your day.

    Now, as soon as this is over, we get to enjoy watching a Rookie face our champion, and showing off what kind of coward and cheap champion he is. His only match that has been relevant was with me one week after i ended up going through 3 opponents, showing everyone the phrase "giving 110%" really does exist. I was not cleared, and could have forced the fans to wait another week while i recovered so i could snap Brian's collarbone and set him down brain-first into the mat, but then i would always feel i had an * next to my title, and i am not like Messias. No, i am going to be a real champion, the man who has earned your respect, and makes fans proud to be here in FNW.
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  7. I know what you are Aids. You may be trying to pull the wool over the eyes of all the rest of these people, but I know a evil/deranged mind when I see one. Why don't you stop with this facade and reveal who you really are? At least then I'd have some respect for you for being honest. However, no matter what you do the outcome will remain the same, I will be the last one standing tonight; while you try to pick up the pieces of a career that peaked too soon. The one thing we do agree on is that fact that the supposed champion is a coward. Two of his last three matches have been against debuting wrestlers. After I win tonight in my usual domination fashion he'll finally have to face an opponent that's bigger, stronger, and smarter than he is.
  8. Peaked too soon? Brother, I havent even begun to peak, when i peak you, and everyone around here will witness it. You want to call me a faux personality, someone who just caters to the fans? I am 100% real, and this is the Aids Johnson the fans want to see. I am also the greatest wrestler in this ring, and the one with the most to gain. When this night ends, and you are the last one i put out of the ring, dont come crying to the fans demanding another chance at the #1 contender. You want to worry about personality? What will people say when they view you getting lifted straight up in the air, then brought back down brain-first into the mat? What will they say when i skip the pin opportunity and put your lifeless body in a crossface, forcing the match to end, just like i did to dat kid. I may be kind outside the ring, but inbetween these ropes, i am god.
  9. What's this all about? Facing Messias for the title? Well, there's no one who deserves the win as much as I do. You may say "a rookie like you doesn't deserve a title match" but if you watched last week's main event you'll understand why I deserve to be the champion. You could see how I almost defeat him. I was going to hit him with my finisher when Rodrigo and Vorhees distracted me and Messias pinned me. That's how this two individuals think they can come here and fuck up the match. Week after week I get a shot to get vengeance and someone ends fucking the match up. This is annoying. I'm just tired of those guys who come and interrupt every single match. I'm tired of that. I'm glad to see you here because when I finish you and get the two victories I will have 3 victories and then maybe the next match would be a one on one against Vorhess. But lets focus in this match.

    Aids, you say I'm not focused in this match and you're not wrong at all. Check out this tweet I posted about an hour ago. Yeah, I say I want revenge, but you don't know me. I'm focused every single second so don't underestimate me. You're a self-proclaimed God and even if I respect you, you aren't. What you are is another wrestler like I am or Messias is. You couldn't defeat him but sooner or later you'll get another title match. I'm sure you do because you have the potential but right now it's time to have another contender and that'll be me!

    *Jacob smiles*

    You'll try to eliminate me but you won't. I'll eliminate you and I'll get two steps closer to that title! Bring your very best moves because you'll need them if you want to at least have a chance to defeat me.
  10. Aids, I say you have the most to lose. Not if, but when you get thrown out of this ring tonight, that will be two straight losses. The meteoric rise you had during the first few weeks on FNWs inception will be a distant memory. You have peaked Aids, it's time to come to terms with the fact that you're yesterdays news. None of these people care about Aids Johnson, the fact that you let that coward Messias weasel his way to victory sickens me. These people don't need a "hero", they need an exterminator to rid FNW of the cowards and fearful. For your sake I hope you're a god Aids, because you're going to need a miracle to get out of this match with your body intact.
  11. Again and again, over and over i have to reitterate the fact that one week before i faced Messias, i went through a gauntlet which included 2 top FNW stars. You think two straight losses will deter me from getting to face Messias for the gold again? No. If anything, it gives me more time to prepare for the days, months, and even years i intend on being champion in this company.

    Two weeks ago i wasnt medically cleared to fight, and yet i went out and was inches away from victory, twice. I came in with a broken rib and bruised kidneys, recovering from internal bleeding and still went out and showed what a true champion should look like. Next time, Messias will not be as lucky. As for you? You are here to exterminate the weak and fearful? I am here to hold the gold over your head while you battle those who arent prepared to have it around their waist. You will crush the scum here and break the weak willed, I am neither of those. You worry about me peaking all you want, because when we go 1v1 i'll be putting another notch on my victory list, while you go out confused, broken, and in need of a new approach.

    Tonight, i focus on you.
  12. In this match this evening we all have a similar goal. We all want a shot at Messias and a championship title match. We have a tremendous challenge ahead of us in a 12 man gauntlet match. When one of us stands victorious our strength and determination will be abundantly clear. The one that will be standing here at the end of the night will be me. The opposition and doubt I've faced since the beginning of my career and currently in this company has been obvious. We have wrestlers like Dat Kid who take shots at my gender and accuse me of doing sexual favors to get to the top. We also have wrestlers who are known for inflicting fear into wrestlers, being mercilious and cunning like Vorhees who intends to do the very same thing to me. And most of all, we have a wrestler like Aids who still thinks it's his time even though he already had his chance at the title and lost. There's a very clear reason why I'm standing here in a male dominated company and it's not because I dealt out sexual favors to get here. In fact, I got into this company the very same way either one of you got here. The company saw a fire, a desire to fight and to be the very best wrestler this industry has ever seen. I come out here among male competitors week in and week out without the slightest hesitation. And despite the size advantage that I have against me, I still manage to win. I know how to use my size and how to move with ease in this ring. So as far as I'm concerned, the only one standing in the way of my success this evening is me. I'm still a wildcard in this company and I intend on using that to my advantage.
  13. Feeble brain? I'm not the one who's fresh out of a mental asylum and keep talking and you'll see how feeble my foot is when I shove it up your ass. How the hell did they find you anyway? Brockman stopped searching the indies and started taking people out of mental wards? That seems relatively unsafe for a person who was so concerned for my health that he stopped my match. I've seen your matches Vorhees, you're slow. You think you can put me in a wheel chair, well I think I can send you back to the shithole you came from, voluntarily. After I hit Dat Kill From Jersey on that fragile skull of yours, things might actually make sense to you, in that fucked up brain of yours, you fee fi fo fum lookin' motherfucka!

    Aids if you don't want me talking about you, keep my name out your mouth. It's funny how you say everyone saw me get knocked out because that's a bunch of bullshit, just like everything everyone else that comes out of these people's mouths. I was behind the time keeper's barricade, you should know that since that's where you crawled away from me. You weren't kicking my ass back there, after that senton you were crawling away and it wasn't because of no count out because the referee had never started one. You were running away because you knew I was about to get up and kick your ass. The referee stopped the match because I wasn't moving after a senton that caused me to go over the barricade. I'm sorry! I didn't know that I was suppose to immediately get up after that happened! I wasn't given the chance to get up! When the ref ended the match he hadn't even started a 10 count! Had I be given those mere 10 seconds I would have been walking into the ring, NOT CRAWLING, walking into the ring and I would have ended you. The fight ended, not because of you or me, it ended because that bastard backstage! I'd hate to sound like a canadian, but I was screwed! By the way, I don't need three people to beat you Aids, I've been begging for a one on one match since I got here, but all I've gotten was vs Aids vs Jobber Colton, which was clearly in my favor when Messias walked in and pushed me off the top rope. Then there was that mixed tag match, where a woman who quite clearly refused to let me in the match got her ass beat. I'm also beginning to think that was a set up by Brockman because that Jersey slut hasn't been seen since! Then that gauntlet match, where you nearly got beat by a woman, and yes you were handed to me on a silver platter, the problem was Brockman and that referee took away from me! Aids Johnson claims to love the fans, well that's a bunch of bullshit, because look at these people, their mothers wouldn't even love these ugly sacks of shit! Aids the only thing your 100% is a 100% liar and a fraud, with your fake wins, your fake ass smile, and that fake ass match you had where you got your ass beat by a champion who has a tough time handling jobbers! So Aids, go ahead and focus on Vorhees, instead of the man you never beat, it'll be your downfall tonight.

    Colton you shut your god damn mouth, you don't deserve shit. Everyone in the match knows that the second person to get thrown out of the ring after Based Job Darth is Jobber Colton. By the way, no one gives a shit about some fucking tweet you sent out, that's why you have no followers on twitter to begin with. You want to send out a tweet how about this "LOL OMG I'M IN THE RING WITH DAT KID! TELL MY FAMILY TO RAISE MY LIFE INSURANCE POLICY #VictimOfTheKill"

    I never said the top because you are clearly not there. You do sexual favors to get in to my matches and you still end up on your back...maybe sometime on all fours...Doggystyle is now trending world wide. The only standing in the way of success isn't you, it's me because you can't beat me. When we were in our tag match I beat you like your boyfriend beats you when you forget to make dinner. Enough with the sex jokes, lets use a little logic here. You can't beat Aids, Aids can't beat Messias, therefore you can't beat Messias, multiply that by the fact that you have a vagina, and you've got less of chance than Based Job Darth. By the way, apparently Darth doesn't like you, he said so on his one time appearance on this show.

    Provided Messias can stay his ass backstage and I don't get "knocked out" like Aids and the referee presumes I did, I will show you all that I am the best damn thing on the entire roster, when I beat the entire roster.
  14. Carmen and Dat Kid. Two opposite ends of the spectrum.

    Carmen, you're the only opponent in this ring that I have a slight admiration for. You go up against the odds, against men who are much larger and stronger than you are, and have real confidence that you can win. All of those are very admirable traits. The unfortunate part for you is that you've run into me. My passion for handing out pain does not discriminate. It matters not that you're a strong female with conviction that I admire, I will still crush you without prejudice.

    Then there's Dat Kid. A babbling infant who does not realize how in over his head he's in. Can you not see your ultimate path in front of you? You were knocked silly by Aids Johnson, imagine what's going to happen when I get a hold of you. You pathetic attempts at humour and insults show me that you're not ready to be at the top of FNW. I'm going to have to give you some hard taught lessons. As the old saying goes, "sparing the rod spoils the child" my fists will be the proverbial rod, and I'll use them to beat some sense into you.
  15. FOR THE LAST DAMN TIME, I WAS NOT KNOCKED OUT! Show me footage of me knocked out! No one saw what happened behind that barricade besides an impartial referee! I was dazed, at best and I would have gotten back up if I was given the actual chance to do so. Fuck you Vorhees! People like you don't belong in this ring with people like me! You're a documented mentally unstable freak! Why don't you just get the hell out of my ring and let us NORMAL people fight! You can't beat any sense into me because you don't have sense to begin with! I see my path in FNW very clearly, it's lain with 11 individuals who one by one will go over the top rope until there is one man left in the ring and you better get on your knees and pray that it is not you Vorhees!
  16. It seems your brains were scrambled more than I though Kid. Everyone saw you were completely out of it, the difference between Aids and I is I would have finished the job and put you out of your misery. Also, what makes you "normal"? Is it your false sense of entitlement? Is it the fact you have to try to put others down to make yourself feel important? Or is it the fact that you need to put up this facade of false confidence because you're too afraid to show your true self?
  17. Dat Kid, regardless of your circumstances, you weren't able to win. You haven't pinned Aids for a victory and nor have you pinned me. You're just a guy from Jersey who must be overcompensating for something that...isn't nearly large enough. Your ego and your big mouth have carried you so far in this company but eventually your inability to stand victorious in the ring after a victory will catch up to you. If you can't get the pin eventually you'll be replaced for someone who can.

    Vorhees, I appreciate the admiration. Beyond all that I'm glad you won't discriminate and go easy on me in the ring. I don't want anyone to take it easy on me because of my gender. I trained in the same companies and gyms to get signed to the FNW and I've demonstrated that I belong here. I have several wins now against two professionals in this company and I know that I can continue to do the same. Even you, who has come across as a monster in the ring, doesn't scare me. I know how to evaluate a wrestler and use my skills to dominate an opponent. The same applies to you and I look forward to showing everyone why I belong in the championship match. I'll prove without a shadow of a doubt that a female wrestler like me, despite my size, can defeat and compete against anyone and that I'm truly fearless.
  18. Let's just set the most important record straight. NONE of you have beaten me. I went straight for the brainbuster on Hawk, then had a great match with Carmen where i proved i was the better competitor, and THEN i beat dat kid's ass so bad he still cant remember what happened that night. Talk and talk all you want, when this match ends the competitor who matters most is going to win. Me.

    You all seem to live in a fantasy world where your first loss means you are undeserving of any opportunity at gold. Well, i have news for you, Carmen, you tapped out. Dat kid, you are 0-2 in the ring against me, and Vorhees you've just been lucky. I'm not here to complain about my loss, im here to focus on what it takes to win here and now. 2 more wins, in just one match.
  19. Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. I've prepared for years to decimate every person who stood in my way. FNW has given me the opportunity to do so. This is not just happenstance, this is what is meant to be Aids. For all of you to realize that the force of fear cannot be stopped. Call it what you'd like, but in the end you're going to wish you never left your house today.
  20. This is my house. Who came here tonight to see Aids Johnson kick Dat Kids ass? *crowd pops* and who do you want for Champion?! *We want Aids* follows, along with a clammering of laughter throughout the crowd.

    You may be the monster of FNW, but i am the soldier these fans want to see go to battle. When this is all said and done, this is where i belong, this is the place of my future, and my only hope is that you dont get to Brian Messias before i finish what i started. Now that i know what kind of coward i am up against, i wont be repeating a single mistake. Tonight i show Brockman and the world what i do.