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  1. "In my short career here, i've accomplished alot more then i would of fathomed. I made connections, I stared in multiple pay per views and not only that, i earned respect from my peers. I grew so much within this company that at times it was hard to outdo myself. And that is something to be grateful for, i knew entering this that it wasn't going to be easy. That there would be plenty of talented wrestlers who were far more superior in ranks of skill and historic statistics. But i stood through it and battled my way until my name was known and i couldn't be anymore prouder then i am today.

    Now this isn't entirely easy to come out and say because those whom have gotten to know me have known that this has been the happiest i have ever been. I came out here each time and put on a match worth watching and that is what this company is about. It's not about those belts anymore, it's about showing those who are watching exactly what you are capable of and expanding your name out there for others to see. It's about creating history that no one has ever created.

    And with that being said, I feel i have created this story long enough. It's time to hang these boots and live the world outside of the ring. But before i part my ways, I just want to thank the talent that is back there. Even to those who i don't appeal to... you guys allowed me to come into this ring and perform my craft in every which way possible. And to my brother's, The Order Of The Night. Our stable may not be as what it was... but one thing is for sure i will always stay loyal to you guys. You guys made me, and pushed me to the limits and with that i thank you the three of you so very much. "

    He pauses for a moment and lowers the microphone. Taking a moment to breathe he lifts the microphone back up.

    "It's a not so satisfying ending here, but it's better then leaving the arena with a loss. And i don't consider this a loss in anyway, if anything it's a win. This company may come across as an intimidating force but there is nothing more exciting, and hole filling then competing here.
    The anger we all have inside of us is let out as soon as we finish a match and needless to say we are all amazing at expressing it. Everyone in that locker room is simply amazing and i wish you all the best of luck."

    "This in no way me saying goodbye, because goodbye means forever. This is just... see you around."

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    Okay, Now this isn't me leaving IWT forever. I am working backstage with the IWT staff and with no ideas circulating in my mind on what to do with Aiden Ryan i feel this was the best move for me. Now this as Aiden stated "Goodbye" because i am always willing to read and help you all out when it comes to IWT.

    Just thought i'd clear it up incase someone was confused. I look forward to reading the future of IWT and thanks for all the fun this brought! Really, I don't think anyone really understands what a major part of the forum this truly is. :)
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  3. You'll be back. They always come back.
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