Storyline Destiny, The Joey Byrant Story: Documentary

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    WARNING: This does not reflect in ANYWAY my true feelings on DK James

    Heavily edited Joey Bryant Matches Are Shown with great effects. It ends with him in a corner with him saying, "This Is It" as the title card comes into place

    Known by his adoring fans and his adoring family as Joey Bryant. Joey Bryant was born into a simple household, with his Mom, Jenny and his Dad, Craig. His 4 brothers, Jimmy, Carter, Ronald and Reagan all became firemen in their home town, But Joey took another way to fame.

    Ronald: Oh. man Joseph was crazy about Wrestling. He would use his toy trucks as chairs and he gave me 17 concussions with them.

    Their family photos shown in a loop

    Jimmy:Even though a violent one when playing he was known as a gentle kid, he helped bully's out with their work and did their homework. Joey Byrant at age 17 was already 5'11 and dropped out of school to train with Soup Kidny (Stu Hart Parody) being trained in their infamous Chamber.

    At times he was ready to quit but after 2 years of training he had his first match at the Kidny owned, Herd Wrestling. Where he became a 140 time Herd champion. While on his 140th reign he met Shadow, co-gm and scout for IWT, he was given considerably big shoes to fill with his background and all,

    Shadow: He was great in the ring, so i gave him a 10 digit contract.

    Even with that he missed his mother Jenny, very much. While on the road, he got news that his mother had passed away. They found a mysterious white liquid in her stomach, the DNA was traced to fellow IWT Wrestler The Artist.

    Ronald: If i see that punk again, i will rip his head off.

    Artist and Ronald fight with Artist ripping his teeth out and eating them.

    Shadow: He asked us to go visit her but we didn't let him because we're cruel and sick people.

    After that news he went on to win the IWT Title in February 2014. H

    His Alias and Chamber Match

    His destiny was met and ripped away, will he ever recover? Though he is loved by all, he will be known as...Joey Bryant

    Ending Sig and Credits, @DK James

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  2. Funny, but Alias did not win the title hahahah damn.
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  3. Why? I thought he beat you 19-8?
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  5. It was non-title haha. Oh, and it was 19-3.
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