Storyline Destiny

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  1. *Renee Young is shown in the middle of the ring holding a mic*
    Renee:Ladies and Gentleman please welcome to the ring, Marcus Anthony!

    *Marcus's new theme hits the arena at the 31 second mark and the fans erupt in cheers.

    Renee: Marcus, thank you for taking time to talk I know the IWT Universe has a few things they'd like to know.

    Marcus: Well it's great to be back home.

    Renee: In your comeback match against Bruce Knight did you feel like you were ready to get back in the ring or were you afraid you wouldn't live up to your pre absence form?

    Marcus: Did you see the match? I took a former champion to his very limits and beat him clean. This version of me is one with no limits. Nothing to hold me back. As leader of The Order, my concern first and foremost was the success of the group.

    Renee: So you're saying that The Order held you back from achieving your own personal success?

    Marcus: *laughs* The Order showed me what success is. We came together and did exactly what we said we would. As the leader I set that example and I won't have any problem repeating that once again. Whether it's on my own or with another person.

    Renee: Finally, what about the money in the bank title match that you're included in. With Trip being the GM and Aids Johnson returning how do you feel about your chances?

    Marcus: Renee it's my destiny to raise that championship belt over my head and proving that all the hard work and every ounce of blood, sweat, and tears was worth it. As far as Aids coming back in the flames of battle...outside of the ring he couldn't have been a better mentor. But inside, we've never crossed paths. When it comes to rising up from ashes to becoming one of the top competitors in such a short amount of time...only The Phoenix can do that.

    Renee: Your return has definitely been one we'll remember and I wish you the best of luck in the match

    Marcus: Thanks
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