Storyline Destruction of an idol

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    "GTFO by Makeshift plays over the speakers as Braeden Cross walks onto the stage with a bag draped around his shoulder. Cross walks up the stairs and into the ring.
    He places the bag down in the center of the ring before exiting and yanking the microphone from the ring announcer's hand.

    Braeden Cross: Give me that microphone.
    Cross snatches the mic and returns to the ring
    Braeden Cross: Jack Lux... Jack Lux... Jack fucking Lux... You know, I sat backstage earlier watched your interview. I have to say, I'm impressed with how convincingly you can lie to a camera. You know, you seem to be under the impression that I laughed at your "who let the marks in" comment, which to me is laughable. Despite never working together in the ring, we worked a great deal of shows together. Each time, I would greet you with respect, you know, paying respect to those who came before. You never ONCE returned the respect! All the times you remember taking photos and signing autographs with me was from before I became a wrestler. Have a look.
    Cross points to the screen where there are 3 photos side-by-side dated 12/2/08, 4/16/09 and 1/1/10.
    Braeden Cross: Take a damned good look at those photos, Jack Lux. This is the last time they will ever see the light of day.
    Cross carefully places the mic down before leaving the ring and pulling out a trash can.
    Cross throws the trash can in the ring and sets it up in the center before picking his microphone back up

    Braeden Cross: You see, I bet you're all wondering just what the hell is in the bag that I had draped over my shoulder on my way down. Well, allow me to show you.
    Cross pulls up and unzips the bag.
    He proceeds to pull out a smaller bag before placing that behind the trash can

    Braeden Cross: Whoops, don't need that yet.
    Cross pulls out a t-shirt, 3 photos, an 8x10 and a dvd.
    Braeden Cross: Jack Lux, until I got in the ring, I fucking idolised you, man! The day I found out my first show would have the great Jack Lux on the card, I lost it, I was so excited. But you know how they say "never meet your heroes"? That rang true that night. And every time I worked a show with Lux, I was nice, respectful and kept my distance from a seasoned vet. Still no respect. Here we are, 2016 and I'm finally going to get my fucking respect Jack.
    Cross drops the shirt and dvd into the trash can.
    Braeden Cross: It's time I rid myself of the memory of a fallen idol and it's time I rid IWT of Jack Lux.
    Cross tears apart the photos and 8x10 before dropping them in the trash.
    Braeden Cross: Lux, you're going to want to see this.
    Cross grabs the bag he placed behind the trash can, pulling out a bottle of lighter fluid.
    Cross proceeds to empty the bottle into the trash can all over the merchandise.

    Braeden Cross: Lux, what I'm about to do next will be symbolic of what's going to happen to you at Survival.
    Cross takes a matchbox out of the bag before removing and striking a match. He admires the flame of the match before dropping it into the can which goes up in flames. The ring crew rushes into the ring to extinguish the flame as Cross stands there stoic and watches.
  2. *Jack Lux come out to no music, he walks down the ramp and roll into the ring.*

    Jack Lux: Braeden, I still don't get you deal maybe your has one too many bump, but ask anyone, they will say that backstage I'm probably the nicest wrestler there is. All you had to do was approach me, introduce yourself, and give me a handshake. You didn't do that though, and now were standing here because you didn't have the balls to walk up to your hero and introduce yourself.

    *The crowd starts chanting " You have no balls"*

    Jack Lux: So you can burn my merch, and call me a has been or a never was all you want. That isn't going to change the fact that at Survival, your hero is going to whup you candied ass!

    *Jack Lux start to move closer to Cross while still talking*

    Jack Lux: Braeden, Braeden, Braeden, I've said It once and I'll say it again, I don't know why you hold this grudge, or how you've held it for five fucking years. You know though fine you hold this grudge, but that's starting to piss me off, so you what let me propose the type of match. In this match there are no pinfalls, no submissions, the only way to win is to make your opponent say I quit. It's perfect, you want to end me and I want to teach you the harshest of lessons.

    *Jack Lux is now face to face with Braeden Cross waiting for an answer to his offer*
  3. Cross is standing face to face with Lux
    Braeden Cross: I look forward to beating you into submission. Hero.
    Cross headbutts Lux hard enough to draw blood from Lux's nose.

    Cross walks out of the ring and backstage as his music plays
  4. *Lux gets up after the headbutt with blood rushing down his nose. He rolls out of the ring with a chair to go after Braeden Cross.backstage.*

    Jack Lux: Where are you Braeden! I've f****** had with you!

    *Lux is running backstage, when he see Braeden Cross running away. Lux runs after him.*

    Jack Lux: Get back here you little mother******! Come on get over I'm not going to hurt you, I'm just going to sign some 8x10s to replace yours!

    *Braeden Cross runs into the parking lot with Lux after him*

    Jack Lux: Come out, come out wherever you are, you son of a bitch!

    * Lux find Braeden Cross trying to start his car. Cross locks the car door. Lux hit the car window with the chair until it breaks. Cross quick gets out threw the other door and trips on his way out, then Lux slides across the hood of the car and begins to hit Braeden Cross with the chair 10 times in the back, then gets on one knee and says.*

    Jack Lux: Braeden, while you lay there hopefully as uncomfortable as possible I want you to hear my word. At Survival, I will f****** destroy you. You will yelling the word I quit at the top of your lungs, better yet I want you to sing those mother******* words, so you should being your A-game I want you to be at your best when I make you my bitch.

    *Lux gets up and walks away while paramedics tend to Braeden Cross.*