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    Aiden is shown in the center of the ring with the world title on a velvet podium.
    A Spotlight beaming down on the title as the fans glance at the title.

    "Good Evening, Ladies and Gentleman. welcome to what should be a history making show, In two week's the talent of DWT will be competing to see who is given the DWT World Championship, Now before you ask me who is eligible for this championship match I must remind you that our show is low on the number of superstars. So therefore come two weeks all superstars will be competing in a five man battle royal to determine our first ever world champion. "

    The Fans Give a loud cheer in excitement for this match.

    "Ladies and Gentleman. Lets meet your Contenders for the DWT World Heavyweight Championship Match..."

    Aiden Steps to the side as the fans look up at the Titantron.

    "Kaz Miller!"
    "Christopher Clark!"
    "Bruce Knight!"
    "Sharpy Sandow!"

    "Lee Lver"

    "And to hype up what should be a historic moment for DWT , I think we should get a couple of matches going to lead up to this amazing event."

    Aiden Place's he's hands behind he's back in a formal manner as the titantron reveals matches.

    Kaz Miller Vs Bruce Knight.
    April 4th

    Christopher Clark Vs Lee Lver.
    April 3rd

    "And Sharpy, You have something Special coming your way. "

    The Camera Zooms in on the title as the DWT Theme continues to play.

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    If you guys have any issues with the date of your matches, Please do PM me about it and I will do my best to post pone them for you for another date. :)

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  2. This gives me time to read some matches in the other e feds :)
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  3. Is April 4th on a Friday? If it is I can't do Fridays.
  4. Will you be willing to do 5th? Which would be on a Saturday?
  5. Can I do it on the 3rd?
  6. Sure!
  7. Thanks!
  8. I don't think I'd be able to post a promo on the 6th, is there any chance you could move it down a day or two?
  9. Does The 4th sound good for you?
  10. It's good with me, what about you @Forrest?
  11. Yeah, The date is fine with me.