Destructive Wrestling Television - Rules And Important Information.

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    Please Do Not Insult anyone outside of the ring, This is a contributed fiction and we are all here to have fun!

    No Voting For Yourself.
    If you continuously vote for yourself in a match you will be banned from using this E Federation.

    Important Information.

    This Is A Voting Based Federation.
    Meaning that you will have to impress others to receive votes to win your matches.

    Championship Information.
    Earning a championship match will take time and dedication.
    Having collective wins from any other federation will not get you a future championship match here, you are starting out new and you are creating your own path as a superstar. For some this could be a new start, but for some this could be a curse.

    Challenging A Champion.
    This is a benefit for whoever own's a championship here in this federation, If you challenge a champion in this federation they can decline or accept it. However you can not continuously request a championship match, this is where having collective wins in this federation can really come in to help you.

    Getting noticed with collective wins is one way to earn yourself a championship match, Creating storylines, getting up there in this federation will really determine your path here in DWT also.

    Championship Statistic's.
    This Part of DWT is where we look back on all the history that has been made.
    This will include​
    • When You had won the championship
    • Who you had won it off.
    • The Date you had won it.
    And How Many Weeks You Have Been as Champion.

    Pay Per View Information.
    There are a ton of things to do when it comes to pay per views, Depending on which pay per view matches will be different for each individual wrestler.

    Such As
    Survivor Series.

    This Is A Pay Per View that can have other federation talent come over and face you in a traditional survivor series tag team match.

    Night Of Champions

    This Pay Per View will have every single DWT championship on the line.

    Make Sense?

    Pay Per View Schedule

    April 30th - Backlash
    No Pay Per View On May.
    June 30th - Night Of Champions
    July -30th - Vengeance
    August 4th - Night Of Champions Rebound
    September 30th - Survivor Series
    No Pay Per View October
    November 30th - Tribute To The Troops
    December 15th - Santa's Destruction.
    January 30th - New Years Revolution
    (More To Be Added!)

    Storyline Information.
    Creating Storylines is exactly the same as other E- Federations. Communicate with your fellow wrestlers and birth a rivalry that could lead you to some main events.
    A Backstage Thread will be coming shortly!

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