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    Welcome To DWT One Of Many E- Federations here in WatchWrestling.
    This thread is to help you get started.

    How to sign up:

    Please State this information down below.

  2. Wrestler's Name: Kaz Miller
    Hails From/Hometown: Japan
    Alignment: Face
    Gimmick: Kaz Miller, also known as Master Miller, was the second-in-command of the Militaires Sans Frontières and the survival trainer of FOXHOUND. He's well-read and possesses a vast array of scientific knowledge.
    The child of an American GHQ officer and a Japanese woman, Kazuhira "Kaz" Miller was born in Japan, during the country's occupation by U.S. military forces, and was named after the Japanese word for "Peace" (和平) by his mother. Kaz was conceived as a result of his mother working as a prostitute, though his father treated her as a wife. Kaz's early life in Japan was a struggle, as he was born after his father had returned to America, and could not obtain Japanese citizenship due to his father being unknown. Many Japanese children would often mock him for his Western appearance, with his light blue eyes and ash blond hair. Because of these factors, he identified himself more with the United States, the winners of World War II, than to the Japanese. However, his father had left his mother some money prior to leaving, which she used to set up a shop, selling items such as cigarettes to occupation troops.

    When Kaz was ten years old, his mother became ill, leaving him to run the shop by himself. While his mother was bedridden, he stumbled upon a picture of his father, and began showing it to the American soldiers who came into the store, asking if they knew who the man was. He eventually learned from one of his father's students that the man was Colonel Miller, who had retired from active duty and was serving as a military instructor. Kaz knew he wanted to go to America as well as meet his father, so he eventually sent a letter to him in the U.S., requesting to travel there.

    That wish was eventually granted and Kaz was picked up from his home, left his mother behind, and went to the U.S. to get an education. Kaz soon discovered that he once had a half-brother, though he had recently died in the Vietnam War, which had caused his father to enter a state of depression. Taking on his father's surname of "Miller", Kaz was supplied with money to enroll at an Ivy League school, later graduating from it and receiving his college degree. During his stay in America, he also witnessed the rise of the anti-Vietnam protests that were occurring within America. He then returned to Japan, only to find that his mother wasn't angry that he had left her behind, but that she had simply forgotten who he was entirely, her mind having been affected by a disease she contracted during her days as a prostitute. Shortly after returning, he joined the Japan Self-Defense Forces, both to pay for his mother's hospital bills, and also as a way for him to get a taste of the battlefield.

    Unfortunately for Miller, life in the JSDF wasn't as glamorous as he had hoped. His skills as a policeman were unmatched, but his superiors often feared them and chose not to reward those skills, so he didn't rise through the ranks as quickly as one would expect. Furthermore, he longed for a more active battlefield than what life in Japan typically offered, and by 1970, he decided to leave the JSDF, especially after witnessing The Temple of the Golden Pavilion author Yukio Mishima's suicide at the JSDF Headquarters. He returned to America, only to learn his father had himself committed suicide, and was already buried. After his mother died, he began to drift around the world as a mercenary and a well known philanderer who loved the freedom of the '70s.
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  3. Wrestlers Name: Chris (Christopher) Clark
    Hometown: Wherever He Damn Well Pleases
    Alignment: Face
    Gimmick: Tortured Soul

    Description: As a young child Chris was abandoned by his family and was left with nothing but his best friend. His best friend also abandoned him when they were convicted of Treason. He spent 10 years in prison and is now out at age 28.
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    • Wrestler's Name: Bruce Knight
    • Hails From/Hometown: Cardiff, Wales
    • Heel/Face/In-between : In-Between
    • Gimmick: Outcast
    • And A Description of who you are and what you are about:
    • Born in Cardiff, Wales, Bruce Knight was the best talent in the local wrestling school, who, after a two years of training, starting at a young age, was promoted to the main roster, becoming the champion in his second year with the company. He soon began to perform all over the UK before going on a crusade In America. During his Crusade, He met an IWT Scout who invited him to a try out match. He soon got awarded with a Contract and began to perform in IWT and in Other Promotions. He soon met the DWT Owner and was quickly signed up to a deal. During his time in other promotions, Knight began to develop a new personality, preferring to be alone instead of with co-workers, claiming he felt unsettled in America. He soon turned this into a new Outcast gimmick, Becoming the Loner known as Bruce Knight, a man who fights till the end and does whatever it takes to win.
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  4. Wrestler's Name: Sharpy Sandow
    Hails From/Hometown: Vansterdam, Canada.
    Heel/Face/In-Between: Heel, I wanna be a villain dotchya seee!!
    Gimmick: Hippy/"Stoner" .. some people call me the much better white CJ Parker.
    Description: Standing at 6'2 and a weight of 269 lbs with his eyes as red as the devil's dick stands Sharpy Sandow, the younger, higher yet still almost intelligent as his older brother Damien. When Sharpy was younger he felt the need to take a separate path in school to avoid living in the shadows of his big bro Damien. Thus he took up marijuana as one of his hobbies in addition to high school football and wrestling as well as the debate team.. fast forward to college years; in 2009 Sharpy attended both the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles School of Wrestling and also Harvard.. although he later got kicked out of Harvard for smoking a joint and pissing on the side of the Phillip Brooks House at the school simply because it had the name of one of his least favorite wrestlers: CM Punk.. while leaving the university he notices a flyer a bulletin board that read "DWT Wrestling", he instantly became intrigued and decides to give it a shot. Do not be fooled by the happy stoner look to this man, for when it comes to wrestling, heel tactics will soon be the preferred option to 23 year old Sharpy Sandow throughout his career as it begins in DWT.

    .. Let's just say I just woke up so the description may be roughly written but OH HAIZ BUTTERS!
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    Wrestlers Name: Lee Iver
    Hails From/Hometown: Boston, dorchester
    Alignment: Super-heel
    Gimmick: Psychotic, Devil & Evil.
    Lee was born in Boston, dorchester but grew up in Chicago, South side. Lee aspired to become a musician. After moving to Chicago, Lee became enamored with hip hop music.

    After one year ago, he was released, He got involved in drug dealing and ended up getting in trouble with the law and ended up in jail where he spent just over a year.

    Lee was released from prison into a halfway house, where he met his cousin David.

    David tried to convince Lee to become a professional wrestler, but he was determined to focus on his music career. Lee spent alot years working on his music career, this time funding his career by robbing drug dealers, before becoming disillusioned by his lifestyle. He contacted his cousin once more and expressed an interest in becoming a wrestler.
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  8. Damn it, you ruined the sexual tension between me and punk!
  9. Ignoring that post, I kind of want to join and I kind of don't want to. What's the schedule, how much do I get paid, am I a top superstar, do I get to be on Conan O'Brien? ANSWERS BUTTERS, ANSWERS!
  10. The Schedule is still being worked on sadly, I'm trying to get this moving as fast as possible. you get paid what you get paid on the street corner. And only if Conan O'Brien has the time to speak to you...

    Everything's going pretty slow at the moment, If you're unsure weither to join or not my best advice would be wait it out until I have everything planned out and everything runs smoother.
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  11. Join ICW it has Lord Lee :jericho:
  12. Isn't it only you posting in there?
  13. No....
  14. don't know if this is still going but...
    Name: The British Kid
    Hails From/Hometown: Essex
    Heel/Face/In-between: Face
    Gimmick: Luchador
    And A Description of who you are and what you are about: a person who Grew up with a Poor Family but obseessed with Luchador Wrestling which he found out about them when he Snuck into a Nearby Arena,Finally at 15 He Finally managed to Get into the School where he met Fellow Wrestling fan Reagan Cole and they Decided to form a Tag Team Called the United Kingdom and 10 Years Later whilst they were still in the Indies managed to claim their 10th Tag Team Championship but then Reagan got a Contract from IWT and after a Argument about the Contract they went their Separate ways and Reagan Joined IWT now The British Kid has to Prove in DWT that how good he is without Reagan's Help
  15. Name: Ed Gates
    Hails From/Hometown: Allentown, Pennsylvania
    Heel/Face/In-between: Heel
    Gimmick: Millionaire (Ted Dibiase Jr. like)
    The 3rd Generation of the Gates Family, Ed Gates grew up in luxury and riches. He had everything he always wanted and soon came to believe he was better than everyone else. From a young age, he was taught about his 'legacy' and how one day he would need to live up to the name of Gates and take his chosen profession by storm, and, following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, Ed Gates chose wrestling. Receiving training from his father and his grandfather in their old gym, Ed soon became a very technical and high-flying wrestler. He wrestled in small-time independent companies, taking their world title and leaving, building up his legacy, but now he wants to hit it big, and DWT is the place where he can do it.